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A Treasured Sacrifice Quest


Anyone have information on this quest. It seems to be a chain of sorts, though not listed as such in game. Picked up by Julia in Minoc.

And then a subquest picked up in Jhelom from some guy starting with G (Geoffrey?) had me kill a bunch of Drakes, Dragons and a few Greater Dragon;s. Back to Geoffrey and he gave me A Broken Fellowship Sword, which is one of the quest items for the above quest.

The reward for "A Treasured Sacrifice" quest is A Virtue Rune.

Anyone know where and who to pick up the other subquests?

Seeking a bunch of items for the quest:
Ankh Necklace
A Mug of Purple Ale
A Barrister's Robe
bunch of others


Okay, another question. I don't want to spoil everything for my self, so I didn't read past needing to speak with Julia again. I did check the bottom to see what the Virtue Rune is/does and I didn't see an answer.
(apologies if it was elsewhere, but I didn't want the spoilers)

What is a Virtue Rune and what does it do?


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It is just for deco, it doesn't do anything but look cool ;)

Also for anyone else looking at this, the walkthrough is also here on Stratics (Not to belittle UOCah because you can't have too many sites dedicated to this amazing game!)

Black Gate Walkthrough

Also the quest items you get make great deco, it's difficult to get a complete set if that's what your after as you can only do the quest once per character and there are 8 runes and the runes are shard bound so unless you have more then one account it gets rather tricky!

I did get a full set of the quest items needed though as I like those better then the runes themselves.