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A Tisket, A Tasket, The Brigand and his Basket

  • Thread starter Trae Markwood
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Trae Markwood

"Magincia." Placing her hand over her eyes she looked up at the structure on the Eastern side of the island. "What could you possibly want with Magincia?" She could understand the reasoning of easy Cargo transportation, but there were a million docks for that. "Will there be enough business to keep you occupied here?" Occupied, to any thief, meant decent profit. And where there was decent profit there was room for expansion.

"There is more too it then just the smuggling lass. Think about setting up a real front. Something that makes us look legit to those damn nobles. No more chasing us off. I have also found that smuggling with a legit cargo to hide what I am doing throws them off. More importantly the demand here for things is through the roof. I have every half mad miner digging like crazy to keep me full and I can't even meet their demands. Not to mention the other more exotic one off things. I have more money coming in here then I have seen in a long time. Also with the town coming back up there are more ships coming and going then ever there is no way they can check em. Its the perfect place to trade off things and move them anyway."

Pulling her hand down, one eye closed against the bright Magincian sun, she nodded quietly. The Brigand knew what he was doing, always had. Thankfully he was one of the few she only had to worry about because he was practically family, not because of stupid decisions. Turning at that thought she caught a glimpse of Lowel by the water trying his darnedest to stick his toes in. Balancing on one leg he teetered before falling hip first into the sea.

"That's my cue." Lightly she patted him on his shoulder before reaching down to unceremoniously haul the scrawny, long legged Lowel from the drink. "I'll be around."


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Mark sat down and admired the work of the final building crew. Well there it is all nice and built. Right on the sea and he was able to save a ton by using an old building foundation and using wood to build the rest. Now to get more then just that shipment of tea in here and to start selling. Mark knew that before he could get everything else going he would need to have the normal trade goods needed to make the case that this was just a normal trade company. His Tokuno contacts were helping him in droves here with ship after ship of Tokuno goods coming in day after day. He was already making plans for his other shipments to come in among those and to be shipped out with them too. Magnica had a never ending need for goods of all types. A man could make more then a small fortune if he played his cards right. Mark always played his cards right. He settled in to getting to work on the interior.