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*A report is filed to Governess Aryalas office*


Governess Aryala,

Due to recent events in Yew and Cove, I have recieved a request for the citys protection from the former Waywatcher Corpral of Stonekeep and Yew, Nadia Louise Smith.

Whilst she has admitted that she is guilty of assaulting someone on Trinsics soil, and therefore a criminal in the eyes of the Law. I pray for your compassion in this case as she has already been tried in Yew and been stripped of all titles.

I am concerned that due to the nature of the case, there will now be differing parties attempting to reach her to cause harm. So for her own safekeeping and ours, I have placed her under house arrest in the usused trade office that I owned during my time as Trade minister.


I have also asked the Paladins to be stationed outside the door around the clock, and to also escort her around the city for her safety.

I have also allowed her partner, Borgio, The yewish corsair, the safety of the city and to remain in the building for her protection.


I shall remain vigilant on my guard until you have decided how best to deal with our new visitors.

*signed* Samuel of Trinsic, Watchman


Stratics Veteran
*a scroll is delivered to Samuel*

Watchman Samuel

Your ongoing lack of interest in the laws and regulations of the Duchy of Trinsic has been noted. I strongly suggest that you reconsider your attitude towards your duty, if you wish to remain an active member of the city watch.

Concerning the issue of Miss Smith I find your lack of common sense appalling. To 'arrest' a criminal in a manor in the best part of town is not likely to convey the concept of law and order to the populace. I am willing to ignore the issue of some Yewish brawling in the streets - provided they do not themselves call upon the Duchy for prosecution and remain satisfied with the results of their trial. However, such behaviour will not be rewarded with a favoured treatment.

Lord Dupre has agreed to provide the assistance of the paladins in this matter. Miss Smith may choose an unoccupied bed in their training hall on Paladin Isle. The protectors you appointed may remain at her service there for the time being. I expect you to find a way for her to contribute to the well-being of the citizens and to atone for her sins. I am sure that the paladins will also be glad to instruct her in the virtues to support this endavour.

I expect you to oversee this matter and to make regular reports. Should Miss Smith find these terms unacceptable then I expect you to encourage her to leave and seek protection elsewhere. I will seek to speak to her personally on that matter.

*the scroll is signed and sealed with all the usual runes and symbols of the office*