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A Quest: The RP Guild and Me

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A Quest: The RP Guild and Me

In my quest for RP in WoW, I have been searching for a guild to fit not only my character's storyline but my real life personality as well.* Now this may sound simple but it was far more complex than even I had originally anticipated.** I feel the best place to start is at the beginning, as it is the foundation for what I base this upon.* My character, a priest, named Talibah is also on the server I play on but unlike all my other characters she is a Horde, blood elf.
Now, for RP to be believable and have some weight, it is recommended that you create a storyline of origin or history about your character.* By doing so, it can explain personality traits, vulnerabilities and other reactions etc.*
The background of this character, is that she is a noble fleeing an arranged marriage by a very gruff and domineering father who has no qualms about hiring mercenaries or killing those that get in his way.* Since her mother is no longer alive to act as a buffer and protect her from her father's ever growing greed and desire for power, Talibah become his pawn to attain more of both.* He promises her hand in marriage to align with a powerful and wealthy family.*
Outraged, Talibah fights back the only way she knows how, she flees and is caught soon after.* To establish his control and make her bend to his will he brands her back with his insignia, which scars her for life permanently.*** However, this does not have the desired effect and it makes her more determined to leave the life she has and begin anew to live how she feels she should.* Again she run but becomes hunted by even people she trusted as friends.* Her mistrust for strangers grows through her travels from city to city in her attempts to escape her father and those that serve him..
Her history is now in place, and it allows for interaction to entwine her story line with other players, have get involved and so on.* In the process of all this, I made a few friends along the way by joining one guild in particular and found that via interaction another character was more than happy to help out in freeing mine.* I was thrilled, I thought I found a stable and wonderful environment to hang my hat so to speak, but it was short lived.* There were internal conflicts and I know even I am not the easiest person to get along with due to my own stubbornness.*
I found guild policies I was not happy with, and as I run one it made it far more difficult to be in this environment.* As I would suggest things only to be met with the proverbial slap in the face.* Still feeling that I could "fix" things I decided to go the promotion route, which was also a disaster.* The guild leader reversed* the decision with no explanation, and the rumors I was told I give little weight as it sounded more like jealous teenagers vying for prom king/queen than anything of merit.* I also found the leadership was extremely ineffective.* As you can imagine I was none too pleased and left to create a guild with the few friends I made there.
This showed promise, but as the days went by I found that I was taking on more responsibility that I did not ask for and getting other help say for dungeons and so on was not very forthcoming.* As much as it broke my heart to do so I left this guild and found another by asking around and speaking with a recruiter.* Now, I am still "green" among the ranks but feel far more comfortable so far.* I was pleased* they screened me first.* The guild mistress, in spite of the chaos surrounding them was willing to take a few minutes to explain where the guild story line is as so I no longer feel like a leaf being thrown about in the wind.*
The true test if this is a good fit for me is time itself, but I will suggest these things when searching for an RP guild:
-Ask questions, it doesn't hurt to inquire about the things you look for.
-Ask other players within the guild how they like it.
-If they have a site, make sure you look at it, it tends to have a fountain of information.
-Interact with players in the guild, you can learn a lot by the RP you engage in.
-Let the people that you are joining know your history as you see fit and see how they react.
-Address any concerns via the proper chain of command, one does not like their toes stepped on and this shows you respect them.
-If you find the guild is not a good fit, tell them why if you choose to leave.* It may help them improve things.
Now the above are only suggestions, but I find them very useful.* Hopefully, they will help you as they helped me and I finally found a place to call home.* So, good luck for those in the same quest as I am and may you find a home as well.

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