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(OT) A Now, a word from our sponsor.


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Stratics Legend
Come Visit the Dos Equis Bar and Grill! Enjoy some of the finest moonshine on Sonoma. We have several varieties available!

Oh crap, the bar is unfurnished and not open yet. Miranda is on the steps selling some of our fine booze until the bar opens. Visit us near Wrong on Fel...don't worry about the frolicking reds on the front lawn. All they can do is kill you....and take your uninsured stuff.

WANTED: A person that enjoys decorating to help setup the establishment. Contact Maddwg, Vin Decatur or Karyn; or PM me here.

So, I came back. I bet you noticed.
I have not been very busy though, Vin Decatur has been busy with PAS and entertaining them.

I started my own RP storyline based on the Awakening event. I make no apolgies for twisting everything in Sosaria for my own enjoyment.
Anyhow, I needed a villian. My sons quit playing back in '06 so I reopened one of their accounts. He started watching and decided he wanted to play.
Now what?
I reopened my other sons account and put together the 'bad guy' -- and trust me, she is.
My son that owned that account decided he wanted back in too.
Karyn has been playing in the nornings when I'm at work. Doing her mining-smith thing. Attacking a couple unattended miners. She says that she won't attack if you will answer her greeting. I'm not convinced she doesn't offer 'Kal Vas Flam' as a greeting.

So, jokes on you Sonoma. We are all back......'specially DragonSnack.

If yer in Fel, stop by the bar for a free drink and free armor repair (if Karyn's around).

I'll be irritating you with more tales soon. Me and the boys is going to go poking around in them new fangled dungeons and see what we can annoy. I'll let you know how DragonSnack fares.