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A Message On A Homing Pigeon


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Drakelord submitted a new Article:

A Message On A Homing Pigeon

A message on a Homing Pigeon
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Malag aste: *looks at Pigeon to see if its carrying a note*
Kittie: *eyes the pigeon with interest, her eyes wide*
Malag aste: No Kittie
Kittie: but.. but!
Malag aste: No.
Kittie: Hrmph.. If they were carrying a note, I would spit it out..
Vixen: has everyone seen the homing pigeon on the table yet??

Sarah Paumera: *smiles at everyone*
Magnus Grey: Any news to report?
Kittie: That bird looks tasty?
Magnus Grey: I heard the raid a few days ago went well.
Fallen Angel: I'm in a good mood today
Magnus Grey: I had planned on having you follow up on information gathered there. But...
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