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(Player News) A Fish Tale (Episode 6 ~ Finale)

Queen Mum

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
A wave of celebration was felt from one shore to the next as our school of fish prepared for graduation. Soon we would become the leaders who would guide newbees into being strong and fit fish worthy of their titles.

We set off to find special items to decorate our cove area when we met up with the spy fish who were very anxious to share the news of what they had discovered. The two legged beast had been spotted on the shoreline of Marble island and it seemed they were planning another disturbing adventure.

This time we were ready. We had already hatched a plan of action should they disrupt any of our graduation exercises. We followed the spy fish to the island and slowly swam around it once to decide where would be best to play out our plan if necessary. Our first look was surprising as there was a large school of those four legged blue friends of the beasts. We would need to distract these beings in order to gather more information as to what the beasts were planning.

We heard the strange beings rambling on about awards, trophies and cheering congratulations. Maybe it was their graduation day too. Maybe they were just odd looking fish and maybe the rumors were true that they were called Fishers. Earlier in the week we learned that these beast liked to be called fishers and their four legged friends were what they call pets.

We swam closer to shore to listen to their noises and try to understand just what they were up to. Two of these beings began to recite what sounded like our roll call for classes ....

Folks, the results are in for the sixth and final week of the "KD Don't Fish" Fishing Tournament!

For Biggest Overall Fish, the points go as follows:
Garth Flaa 190 (won 500k), Festus Fogbottom 189 (won 250k), Joyce 188 (won 100k), Coral 186, Shadow Walker 185, Wayneho 185, Adrienne 183. Percie D'Ni 181, Torak Uhnrai 179, Verdoc Rembort 175, Kaeles 173, Calypso 170, Bruce Wayne 170, Katana 168, Gil T Azell 166, SWEAVER GAL 164, Ahab 162, and Erhardsoze 122

The special featured fish was the Fairy Salmon:
Festus Fogbottom 189 (won 500k), Joyce 188 (won 250k), Garth Flaa 186 (won 100k), Coral 186 (won 100k), Shadow Walker 185, Percie D'Ni 181, Torak Uhnrai 179, Bruce Wayne 170, Ahab 162, Wayneho 153, Katana 151, Adrienne 104, Verdoc Rembort 85, and Gil T Azell 58

And for the Main Tournament: *drum roll*
1. Festus Fogbottom 1149 - GRAND PRIZE WINNER (won A Legendary Scroll of Fishing)
2. Garth Flaa 1119 - 2nd PLACE WINNER (won A Gently Used Britannian Ship)
3. Shadow Walker 1099 - and 3rd PLACE WINNER (won A Fully Armed Orc Ship)
4. Percie D'Ni 1099 - 3rd PLACE WINNER (won A Fully Armed Orc Ship & Taxidermy Kit for 207 stone fish)
5. Calypso 1082, 6. Ahab 1080, 7. Bruce Wayne 1074, 8. Adrienne 1055, 9. Joyce 1051, 10. Wayneho 1041, 11. Erhardsoze 1027, 12. Katana 1026, 13. SWEAVER GAL 1022, 14. Coral 1021, 15. Gil T Azell 937, 16. Torak Uhnrai 918, 17. Verdoc Rembort 910, 18. Misty 888, 19. Kaeles 784, 20. Freebee 632, 21. Piscean 521, 22. Fishy the Fisher 320, 23. Melba Dedpeople 265, 24. Sheila dedpeople 95

Thinking that they were busy entertaining themselves we were just about to call for the sea serpents to come and help deal with the pets but the fishers called them to their sides and began to wander off with a pole in one hand and sweet tasting bait in the other. My job was to figure out where the fishers would be standing guard. As I floated around the island I found the fishers were staying a few yards away from each other ...

Then the fate of luck brought us new information ... they were looking for shoes!! Shoes???? Why do they want shoes?? Well it didn't really matter and our leader yelled out that we were NOT to toss shoes at them and to try to prevent any items from landing on shore! We gathered as a team and used our fins to block any items from reaching the fishers. And it worked, only a few scales, bits of debris and sadly some older fish had gotten to close and ended up in a pile on shore.

This went on for what seemed forever until once again the spy fish reported that the fishers had a new plan. They now were going to hold a clam bake in the building while counting the number of shoes they had caught. Now they were talking our language! A Clam Bake!! We like to dine on succulent clams and even enjoy a crab, oyster, or lobster every now and then. Was it possible that we could have more in common with the fishers and pets? Had they discovered that land and water beings could work together in harmony?

Perhaps next season would prove to be beneficial to both sides of the looking glass. It was getting late and we needed to head back to our own waters and prepare for our own celebration ... as we swam off we heard once more the sounds of one female fisher ....

Tonight's Marble Island Shoe Frenzy was a blast and not just because the girls beat the boys but ...

Team Kindle (Boys) Had a total of 76 shoes or roughly 5.85 shoes per guy.

Ahab, An Nox, Apollo, Erhardsoze, Festus Fogbottom, Freebee, Galahad, Garth Flaa, Kaeles, Red Beard, Shadow Walker, Sir Carl & Torak Uhnrai

and ....

Team Luvs (Girls) Had a total of 91 shoes or roughly 7.58 shoes per girl.

Adrienne, Alba, Aya McKenzie, Bruce Wayne, Coral, Cuttles, Joyce, Percie D'Ni, SWEAVER GAL, Pandora & Rodaina Seavers

Each of the girls won a check for 100k. Queen Mum and Adrienne both donated their winnings to the zoo which proves ...

Girls Know Shoes and Love Animals!


As we were about to cross into our own water we heard loud booms ring out and I was sent back to see what was happening .... I found the fishers and their pets outside lining up to take pictures of their class so I decided to take a few of my own.

During the past six weeks it seemed as though we all learned something from each other and I wanted to share the memories with friends and family.

When I got back to the cove and we looked through all the developed shots taken there was one picture that our class decided to hang up as a memento since it said it all ....

Until we meet again, FINS UP!