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(Player News) A Fish Tale (Episode 1)

Queen Mum

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Here I was at our school of fish learning when in the distance a roaring noise began causing such waves that our leader said to bury ourselves under the nearest rock .. as the noise got closer ... we heard this horrible splash!!!

Now being a guppy I didn't understand the nature of this commotion but it sounded quite fishy so of course I became worried. Then I saw the most awesome piece of snack I had yet to see ... I headed towards it because we had not had our snack time from doing our lessons but the big old codfish beat me to it and holy mackerel he disappeared right before my eyes!!!!

I swam back to the head bassmaster and asked what was happening and was instructed to just stay away from anything that dangled as 'bait' in the water ... so I did what I was told (since all guppies know better then not to) and listened carefully to the sounds above the water ...... my big brother swam by calling for our friends the sea serpents ... who raced to the aid of our school spitting out their best spells .... and cousin rocky was throwing boots, shoes and sandals up to the noisy vessel above. Our bassmaster started spitting bottles while the seahorses were tossing nets in the air ... I carefully darted close enough to take a good look at these beasts with my fish lens and snapped a few of their antics ...

Seems there were two of these monstrous vessels and they kept close to each other as if the were on a secret mission. Guarding one another as we fish do when we come across a school of sharks ...

I looked at the stacks of our friends and was turning green around the gills ... they were flopping around and gasping for air ... what could these beast want of us?

Don't they realize there are plenty of other fish in the sea?

Eventually they drifted away heading to the shoreline but in their wake they left behind a bottle which contained a soggy slip of paper which read ....

The winners for the nights Barracuda Roundup are:

"The Whopper" (biggest fish) - Calypso at 168 stones (500k)
"The Boat Load" (largest number of yellowtail barracuda's) - Stillman with 11 fish total (won 500k)
"The Boat Anchor" (highest total weight in yellowtail barracuda's) - Stillman won that as well with 771 stones (won 500k)
"The Small Fry" (the smallest "tagged" fish possible) - 20 stones.

A 6 way tie on that one. The winners Adrienne, Festus Fogbottom, Freebee, Percie D'Ni, Verdoc Rembort, & Stillman received a check for 500k

The two boats, The Luv Boat and the Kindles Kruise Line were also in competition with each other. Whichever one had the most average stones per fisherman won.

The crew of the Luv Boat won and each member received a check for 100K because they had an average of 264 stones of yellowtail barracuda per fisherman. Crew included Adrienne, Ahab, Calypso, Erhardsoze, Festus Fogbottom, Garth Flaa, Percie D'Ni, Shadow Walker, Dragonspawn. Gromph Baenre

Although the crew of the Kindles Kruise Line did not win the ship competition but Fishy the Fisher, Freebee, Joyce, Katana, Melba Dedpeople, SWEAVER GAL, Torak Uhnrai, Verdok, Stillman, Aya McKenzie, Coral, Darkstar, and An Nox had a splashing good time (since there was lots of fiesty rum going around)

There were other members who appeared to be along for the ride and to defend the fishers which included Alba, Helgrind, Waynebo, and Kaeles. They may have caught a few fish but alas they were not weighed and noted.

After reading this message we all came to the same conclusion .. that we better swim further down stream with the hopes of them not following us. Or ask the Krakens to lend a hand but they seem really busy with the Scalis for now.