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[Price Check] A Fel Keep of exceptional quality

Is this keep worth 10 mil+?

  • Meh, no, Castle or gtfo

  • Yes! At least 10 mil!

  • No, but at least 1 mil+

Results are only viewable after voting.


Greetings, this is a place holding thread for an upcoming sale/trade offer, but just testing the Sonoma real estate market in order to determine a base value to start bidding at. I will update the thread with more detailed information after having gotten back to an actual cpu terminal ( posting from a phone) coords screen shots ect soon. But for now know the keep in question is placed in a highly favorable location. On a private party island. Look for it if you like, located near marble island. - "Kupans Keeper of Vices" is the name on the house sign. Thankyou for your time, ill update this thread with more info soon.


Chuckle, it will get more valuable soon, for now just check your atlas, and look east of marble island. The keep in question will be unfurnished.