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  1. Loraux Capital [LCAP]

    Loraux Capital [LCAP]

    Background Loraux Capital was founded in 2021, by financier and entrepreneur Xiu Loraux. The company's long-term goal is to attract investors by developing a plan to increase market cap, thereby growing shareholder equity. ______________________________________________ Employees (1) Xiu...
  2. Draden

    Looking for a few items.

    Returning player looking for a few items i have seen and a couple i haven't . The new (or new to me ) Fireplace , Ghost Anchor , Britannia Ship,or Orc Ship . With shard as empty as it is in hopes someone might have an extra to sell / trade. I do have grass and snow tiles as well as alot of...
  3. R

    [Discussion] Bulk Plain Boards 100 full deeds

    I have over 100 stacks of plain boards i'd like to sell at 100k per 60k deed. the more you buy the more you get at a discounted price. LOCATION IS CATSKILLS. prefer for you to come get
  4. L

    [Discussion] Price Check on Ring

    Been outa the game for awhile. trying to get an idea of the cost of things.. found this ring as loot, just curious the value on it? as i have no idea about this stuff now days...any help would be appreciated
  5. leloyon

    [Auction] Tribal Mask - hpi7, mi 10, str4, etc

    Hello ladies and gentlemen - The auction for the following mask will last until Friday - 9/21/18 at 10pm EST. Please note: This item is located on Lake Superior and I have no methods of transferring it to another shard. If you win, please take this into account and also that payment will be...
  6. Kupoking

    [Price Check] A Fel Keep of exceptional quality

    Greetings, this is a place holding thread for an upcoming sale/trade offer, but just testing the Sonoma real estate market in order to determine a base value to start bidding at. I will update the thread with more detailed information after having gotten back to an actual cpu terminal ( posting...
  7. E

    Pacific General Discord

    Hello, everyone, we have taken the liberty of creating a public discord for our shard. we believe it will be beneficial to our community as a whole, as Discord allows us to keep in touch much easier, even if we don't plan to be on the game at the time. First if you don't know what Discord is...
  8. Elenni

    Fellow gardeners of Sonoma -- Seed exchange...?

    Trying to start my garden back up on Sonoma, but having a little trouble. I don't seem to be able to obtain any tribarrel cactus seeds any longer, due to the new random seed drop on boglings for "cactus." I continue to hunt them but would really like to get my 1st-gen seeds going at the same...