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Baja A cup of coffee in rememberance of Sallie

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

No no no no no...this is all wrong.

Did he get to meet Caesar?

Damn it...

I cannot grasp this.

Dor of Sonoma

Sallie has been a regular here for years...family.

Damn it, I can't stop crying now


Say what? He was just stopped by here a week or so ago. What happened?



Damn it, I can't stop crying now

*pats Dor on the back* Its ok..
*hands her a tissue*


May the winds always be at your back Sallie, carrying you through to the next world.

*pauses for a moment of silence*

God's speed.

Sallie said "I don't regret what I have done, only what I haven't done."
I hope he got to do most of the things he wanted to.


Take care Sallie, wherever you are.

You were a dear friend and will always have a place in my heart.

You fought long and hard, like the hero you were.

*uses the ABM to get one last cup of coffee*

*closes eyes and drinks*


I've been a Uhaller under various names since Uhall started. Sallie was true scholar and friend.

We twa hae rin aboot the braes
And pu'd the gowans fine
We've wandered many's the weary step
Since Auld Lang Syne

We twa he paidled in the burn
Frae morning sun till dine
But seas between us brade he roared
Since Auld Lang Syne

Aye and surely you'll be your pint stoup
And surely I'll be mine
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet
For Auld Lang Syne

So here's a hand my trusty frien'
And here's a haud o' thine
We'll drink a right guid wullie waught
For the sake o' Auld Lang Syne

For Auld Lang Syne my dear
For Auld Lang Syne
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For the sake o' Auld Lang Syne


Not to be rude or anything but
Who is this Sallie and what have happen to him/her?


I don't know who Sallie is. I did a Stratics search and came up with a poster who posted last on the 12th.

By the tone of the origional posters post, it sounds like the person might have died or something /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

Tim Dunkin Dunca

Wow, can't believe that something happened to Sallie, my best wishes to all involved


Sallie was a player on Baja and a poster here at U.Hall.
He passed away.



That sure puts things into perspective. I've posted here a long time, and I didn't even remember the Man's name /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif

Just goes to show that we are more than just names on a board, and it's important to take notice of who we post to and acknowledge them as real people.

I'm sorry that I didn't take notice of this man. He sounds like he meant a lot to so many people.


Oh damn that's sad /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
Sorry to hear that.


I'm not really a regular on the forums so I didn't know Sallie. But whenever someone I didn't know dies it makes me sad that I never got the chance to know them.

My condolences.


I am very sorry to hear.

I knew Sallie only in name... but what the heck.

My thoughts are with those who were close to Sallie.


When did this happen?? Sallie will be missed by all that read his posts and those who were close to him. RIP Sallie!


Somewhere, sallie's spirit is free, soaring as a human soul bound to a body never can. I only knew sallie from reading posts, but the passing of anyone is a solemn affair, and I hope that sallie is in a place where he knows no pain.

Dor of Sonoma

My initial impulse was to comb through any of sallie's archived posts, to compile something that might impart a glimpse into the man we are missing today. However, that is proving to be more difficult than I had envisioned. After knowing someone over the span of a few years, it's hard to distill the essence of that relationship out of a series of scattered paragraphs.

However, I will say this...sallie was an honorable man and a steadfast friend, and I for one shall sorely miss his presence and his touch here. Several of us on UHall have grown close over the years, and sallie was very excited at the prospect of finally being able to meet one of us (CaesarDOP) in person...just a few days from now. He had been planning for that meeting for weeks now, and as sad irony would have it,sallie's last post here was happily anticipating that event. He was very family-oriented (as most of us here are), and I was looking forward to those two meeting up as much as they were...I know they would have had an incredibly good time, as kindred spirits.

As for the rest of it...here are just a few pieces that remind me of his style and spirit. Granted, they do not, in and of themselves, very accurately depict my overall impression of sallie, but they may give you a small indication of his history here:


09/14/02 09:24 AM

roflmao this strange noobie....

I was tending my plants when i saw this verrrry slow walking char
come to my house. Being the friendly sort that i am, I said
hi..after 30 seconds he said hi back...I asked if i could be of
he asked me where he can train and buy armor..so i proceeded to tell
him that the npc shops do the training, and he could also by armor
from the blacksmith..I then asked him if he was new to the game...he
said ya...(which i already figured. no one in thier right mind would
play on a system as slow as his). I then proceeded to tell him i had
some armor and weapons that i could give him and took him upstairs
to my locked room..I asked what his str was and he said 46..I'm
thinking OMG...I dont have much for a person that only has 46
str...So I give him a full set of leather armor. And as I'm looking
for a weapon for him he tells me "can you please hurry"
well I find a viking sword of force, a battle axe, and a kat... he
tells me he can't use the viking sword or battle axe, so I told him
to save it and put it in his bank..."where is that" he asks...well,
at this point im a little overwieght, so I said give me a sec and
i'll show you. As I'm putting some of my stuff away he just
sloooowly walks out...

I don't know what the slowest machine is out there that UO runs on,
but he must have it...and it wasn't just lag...i could move very
well, so I knew just from experience that his machine is slow.. I
never did get a TY or a goodbye...he just left... I ran to the bank
and couldnt find him,,,checked all around and still no sign of
that guy is gonna have a lot of robes to get rid of....LOL

[image]/php-bin/shared/images/icons/angryfire.gif[/image] sallie of BAJA
Lord Clyde of moonglow (Baja)
Lord quade (baja)
playing UO since August 7, 1997 (and still a NEWBIE)[image]/php-bin/shared/images/icons/angryfire.gif[/image]

(Babbling Loonie)
10/18/02 05:39 PM
Re: Whats your main characters... Post pics or url's [re: vwcorrado]


my craftsman

my very first char
my vendor owner
the one im proudest of

Edited by sallie (10/19/02 07:08 AM)

(Babbling Loonie)
07/11/03 05:08 AM
Re: I cant take it anymore...another man done gone.. [re: uohamster]

I really hate to see you leave. It's players like you that UO really
needs. Someday, the scripters will get bored and move on to
something else, while us true UO'ers will still be here plugging
We play the game because we love it. We don't cheat and never have.
We are proud of our accomplishments!!!!!!
As for the GGS system, man ppl should have been around in the early
days when it took a day and a half to get 1.0 in mining...(they
did'nt have the 100.00 back then, just the 100 so all you got was
1.0 at a time) but you would see your skill go from 90 to 91

sallie of BAJA

(Babbling Loonie)
07/01/03 10:22 AM
Re: Happy Birthday to me... [re: AesSedai]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rico....and I wish you many more....here's a six pack
of Iron City beer on me....it's only sold in the Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania area.....drink well my friend

sallie of BAJA

(Babbling Loonie)
07/01/03 10:43 AM
Re: Morning all! *begins brewing the coffee* [re: tazzi523]

MORNIN errr AFTERNOON ALL.....grabs a large cup of Columbian
Supreme....ahhh good ol' fireworks...I remember as a kid back in
the 40's, '47 i think it was, we had a community park where they
always shot off fireworks..and we were allowed to sit so close to
them that i could actually feel the ground shaking. The fighting
ships were my favorite...2 ships made out of fireworks would start
simultaneously then fire "shells" at each other..../php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gifahhhh memories/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

sallie of BAJA

(Babbling Loonie)
06/25/03 04:45 AM
sets up the ABM, wipes down the counters

grabs a large cup of Jamaican blue mountain coffee.....
walks over to the window sill...*thinks to self*.. well, I guess i'm
getting too old for UO. Memory is failing me, making way to many
noobie mistakes. Just like my grandfathered houses that I lost. I am
glad I got a quick response fron the the E-mail I sent. As I was
filling out the info they asked for I suddenly realized what I did.
The only person to blame is me....for 5 years I never messed with
that particular accnt. But then all of a sudden I transfered a house
to a char on that accnt. That's what caused the grandfathered houses
to decay......oh well, it's not like I used them, it's just that
they felt like a part of me. *hope I don't get laughed at to
Mornin all....... hope everybody has a great day/php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

sallie of BAJA

'mornin.... ahhhhh i was up at 5:45 this morning just because i love mornings and to make sure i'm still alive.....we have sunshine today!!!! yay!!! for a while there i thought one of the mars space probes went off track and did away with the sun /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
*grabs a cuppa Seattle's Best and heads on over to the window sill and smiles at the sun* waits for all his friends to show up.

(Babbling Loonie)
06/06/03 05:57 AM
Re: Morning All! *Waves magic Breakfast Wand* [re: EricOfRhavyn]

crawls out of musty old bedroll, takes a bath in the dirty old
grabs a large cuppa Seattles' Best. The weather here in Pennsylvania
(Pittsburgh area) is great today, sun is shining, temp is about 52
degrees, but rain is expected again tomorrow.
*walks over to the window sill and joins all the strangers and a few
friends* enjoys the morning...... HI ALL!!!!!!!

sallie of BAJA

sallie (Babbling Loonie)
08/20/03 08:33 PM
Hyper, there was a time when there were plenty of regular monsters in the hedge maze (ogres, ettins, etc). Once you killed all them (if you survived) you could go to the old wizzards house and just go in the only door there. Well the wizzard was indestructable and you would die there. But if you took the secret entrance (follow the black footsteps at the bottom of the path off to the right just a little) you would go into a tunnel. there used to be artifacts in there. Then you would come out on to some teleporters and end up at the tower where you could escape with your loot...
The hedge maze was the first place that done away with monsters. For the longest time it just sat there unused until they put some more monsters back in so ppl could raise provo or taming.. It's been a long while so my memory might not be totally accurate. But it was a real cool place at one time......



My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
One of the better posters here and seemed like a real nice person. Sorry to hear this.


Peace, Sallie, where ever you are.

Don't remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
I had no idea what it'd cost
My life passed before my eyes
I found out how little I accomplished
All my plans denied

So as you read this know my friends
I'd love to stay with you all
Please smile when you think of me
My body's gone that's all

A tout le monde
A tout les amis
Je vous aime
Je dois partit
There are the last words
I'll ever speak
And they'll set me free

If my heart was still alive
I know it would surely break
And my memories left with you
There's nothing more to say
Moving on is a simple thing
What it leaves behind is hard
You know the sleeping feel no more pain
And the living are scarred

- D. Mustaine


Oh how sad. I knew Sallie was getting blood drawn frequently, he (I originally believed he was a she) never said why. No one has mentioned what he died of. I believe he was an older guy, either close to my age or a bit older? Seemed like a nice chap. Always helpful. Making jokes. Being concerned about people.

May Sallie have found all the answers to all his questions, and peace, and is enjoying a new kind of existence now -- where we all wind up, sooner or later, especially if we "believe."

God Bless Sallie!


So sorry to hear about Sallie. *sorry, this is sad, and I simply don't know what to say*


Forest of Wind

/php-bin/shared/images/icons/bfrown.gif Sad day indeed. May your journey of light be a good one. Take care our friend.


I don't directly recall reading any of his posts, but Dor's clips of his posts show him to be a gentle and concerned man. Fair winds and following seas Sallie...


If I remember correctly, Sallie posted as Clyde on the old UO.com boards ... and I greatly respected him there. I spent years there.

To bring in some lines from Sarah McLachlan, lamely...

you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there



Sallie, posted back on 'those' boards occasionally. He cared more for the game and the community, than the flash and the bullcookies.

Rest well, friend, the coffee is hot and the ale cold.... when you get there.

*leaves his hat by the fire, and mourns*


I remember seeing his posts on the Uo boards....damn.

Your in God's hands now sallie....


The View from the window seats will not be the same /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif


I promised myself I'd never post something out of character the day I made this account nor reveal anything about my IRL history on these forums, but I must digress. For those of you who've seen me around, I've basically been a troll on this forum. But I feel I need to say something about this.

Several years ago when I first started posting here (under a different name, of course, which I stopped using a very long time ago) I posted a bunch of newbie questions on U-Hall. Including the, at the time quite popular, "Why don't posts bump here?!" question. Sallie was one of those friendly faces that always seemed to have a non-flaming answer to my questions. Whether or not I participated in the threads he was in... even after I stopped playing UO, I always enjoyed reading his posts. It saddens me to hear that he has died.

I've got no more words.


I didn't know Sallie personally, but I do remember his endearing posts. I was saddened at first to hear of his passing, but after reading this entire post about him I found myself feeling a bit more inspired instead of sad. It's obvious from some of the posts here that Sallie has touched the lives of many people. To those of you here that mourn the loss of your friend, please remember that his kind and gentle spirit lives on in each of you. Sallie is still with us in many many ways. He will be there with you for your morning cup of coffee with his welcoming smile. He will be there on your most beautiful sunlit days. He seemed to love those beautiful days and the next time you gaze out the window to grasp the beauty of the morning, he'll be there waving and welcoming you all to yet another new and wonderful day for as long as you shall take time to remember.

*Waves back to Sallie*


I knew he was going/planning and excited to meet CaesarDOP he posted about it too. I remember his post of 8/21 or thereabouts in one of the morning coffee threads, where he had said his CBC's were coming back good, he was healing up and he felt he would be good to go for another 5 weeks. He was looking forward to their meeting up. I went back thru old posts to find that one particular post, for he seemed to be feeling positive he would get to see another 5 weeks of life.

Little do any of us know when our final post or day of living here on this earth, may be. We get attached to people in our lives and even to those whom post here even though we may never get to meet some of us rl. He was one of the posters I had a lot of respect for, always kind, always caring, always so REAL nothing phoney nor crude, nor negative about him. I didnt even rl know him yet feel a loss. Every time he*looked out that window* with his morning coffee as if in some wonderful quiet peace it was as if I could see it thru his eyes and feel it ..his window ledge seat to the serenity outside his *window* of vision. He seemed a very REAL humane human being..to me. I will miss his morning view and his posts and his gentle wonderful serenity, as well. He always told me..QZ ye make me laugh..odd now, all I feel is tears missing someone I really didnt know yet felt deeply that I did somehow and he is no longer going to be a part of being here, posting/conversing with us.

I do not know what his illnesses were but he is free of them now. I hope he can know and feel that we are feelin his loss and that we cared ! Maybe he can look down upon us from his new window, and feel serenity knowing he did make his mark on this planet in the minds and hearts of others.

*looks out Sallie's window*, the birds are singing, the squirrels are busy gathering harvest for the upcoming winter, light misty early autumny rain, barely noticable is falling outside upon the land. It's a 'misty rainbow watercolor memories of the way we were' kind of an autumn rain, and all seems calm and right with the world outside the window of Sallie's sitting ledge; where the aroma of fine coffees still linger where once a gentle humanbeing dwelled and shared his moments with, US at UO HALL and beyond ! *crumbles a morning muffin to feed the birds, left behind, outside Sallie's window of serenity.*

Tionne of Siege

I so sorry to hear he is no longer with us here. But I am sure he is still watching over us all. Take heart all of you as we now have a new Guardian Angel to watch over us foolish mortals here.

God Bless you Sallie.


Quite sad... I remember seeing that thread a few days ago in regards to their meeting. Very sad day indeed.


Just felt we should do something so I did this. Hope he has a new window even far lovelier now, than the one he had shared with us, for all this time.



AWWWWWWW....Thats absolutely beautiful Queenzen! Thank you for sharing that with us!

Lord Kalatar

I wish I had known Sallie. And even though I did not I feel like I do after reading all of these great posts about him. It seems that UO and Stratics has been lessened a great deal by his loss. Frewell to you Sallie. May the grass be greener and the windows crystal clear in your new home.


I didn't know Sallie, but as a Christian I do know that all souls return to Father until judgement, so Sallie is again with Father who gave us this dear soul to interact with during their life in the flesh. So this should be a time of rejoicing for Sallie is back with Father, a place all Christians wish to be.


Sallie my friend..

if there is a place where you can still read this,

I will miss you !

and i hope you will watch over us!



I didn't know you Sallie, but you've inspired me. Your posts are great, and this thread shows what a wonderful community you have been part of. I really am choked by what I've read, and proud to have recently joined the UO community which values one of its own so much.

Lady Starr

I don't post here much anymore but remember Sallie! He helped me numerous time on various shards and was a good man. You will be missed most dearly.

*crying in real life*


A Warrior's Sword lay's Silent
His Mount stays stabled now
His Virtues are still with us
As They lay his body down.....

A Warrior has returned Home

RIP Sir and thank your for the Honor.

*Bows Head and Tips Hat*


I did not know Sallie.

But I will gladly pay my respects here to one who was respected by so many.


Thank you Dor for showing those posts of Sallie. At first I couldn't place the name but after reading a couple, I can remember his postings and humor very well. Sadly I never did talk with him but I remember getting a smile and a laugh when I would read his comments.

To Sallie, your presence will not be forgotten!


Dor of Sonoma

I want to add this post of Caesar's here, lest it get lost:


(Lore Keeper)
09/24/03 09:34 AM
To My U-Hall Friend and Brother sallie

As many of you have read, Sallie and I were going to meet in Real Life. We planned to meet in the Pittsburgh PA area on Saturday 10-4. My Daughter has a dance competition and when I posted last year, Sallie PM’ed me and it turns out that the competition was only a few miles from his house. We had been planning the meeting for a year now.

Sallie shared with me some personal things, and I will try and share them with you here, as a form of a tribute to my U-Hall Brother. I will try and cut and paste some of the PM’s that he sent me, which will share with all of you what he had been going through over the last year.

Re: YEs It was at the EXPO Center in MOnroeville.

From: sallieReceived: 10/07/02 10:50 PM
wow...yes, please PM me next time ur in the area....I know upper st. clair ...i live in bridgeville/south fayette


From: sallieReceived: 10/18/02 10:35 AM
ceasar, please do add me to your prayer list.....I need all the prayers I can get..... I really don't know how to tell you this, but back in dec 2000, I was diagnosed with lukemia...i went through 8 months of chemo. Then just 2 months ago my bone marrow decided to go on a work slow down..and can't decide if it wants to bring the lukemia back or shutdown altogether. If it decides to shutdown all together it means I have aplastic anemia, If it decides to bring back the lukemia, then it means more chemo treatments..but for right now, I am using up blood cells faster than my body can produce them. So about every 2 weeks I have to go for blood transfusion...I am a born again christian (was raised catholic) and getting blood transfusions is very hard for me to accept....all my relatives up here have me on thier prayer list and I wouldn't mind at all if you added me to yours....my real name is Ron Shaffer, from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Thank you, may God keep you and your family safe


From: sallieReceived: 10/29/02 09:24 AM
Ceaser, well, I had another blood transfusion yestarday. 2 more units. but the good news is, my white counts and platelets are comming up on thier own...that means my bone morrow is working again. We just don't know how good or how long it will last yet. Only time will tell..... I just want to thank you for all your prayers. I'm sure they helped a great deal.... especially with all the other ppl I have praying for me...once again my friend... "Thank You" and peace be with you

Re: Sallie

From: HekateReceived: 04/25/03 05:31 PM
Hi Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I just got a mail from Sallie.... He just got back from the hospital...and are, considering the circumstances, doing ok...

Re: Good to see your post

From: sallieReceived: 05/27/03 05:15 PM
Hi Dante, ya, things don't look to good. I was in the hospital in march for a week with that phnumonia thing, then went to Arizona to visit my daughter, I was still sick when I went. Then when I came back they put me back in the hospital for the whole month of April...- 3 days...thought for sure i was a goner.. but i made it...lost 50 pounds. I don't recomend it as a way of losing weight though...but I was able to afford 50#'s..i'm at good weight now .....202 pounds .... Thanks for all your prayers, i'm sure they helped...as they say...God works in the strangest ways..... Take cake care my friend, ron

i would love it!!!

From: sallieReceived: 06/02/03 09:35 AM
Dante, Yes, I would love to meet with you and your family. Please send more details as soon as you know them. I'll make sure i'm not in the hospital during that time. Looking forward to the meting. ron

sounds terrific!!!!

From: sallieReceived: 06/02/03 10:04 AM
Yes sir, we can just meet at the expo hall and visit for a while. That really sounds great!!! The little food court sounds like a great place or maybe even at the top of the stairs at a pre-determined time????


From: HekateReceived: 09/24/03 12:43 AM
Hi Dante You have probably already seen my post on UHall regarding Sallie.

Yesterday I recieved a pm from "Sallie" saying:

From: sallie Received: 09/23/03 01:22 PM I am no longer here - 09/21/03

Ron told me earlier that he had instructed his sister to do this when the time came. He was in alot of pain these last years, hopefully he will now have his peace. Take care my friend /Martin

Sallie last posted to me a few weeks ago, when I told every one that I got the part in The Wizard of OZ. Here is his response to my post on 9-12-03
Re: Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!! [re: CaesarDoP]

CaesarDoP!!!!! time is approaching..... I will have a red polo shirt on and a black ball cap trimmed in grey with Hoyas on front and of course my UO pin on the hat left side i think... but I will be there Take care,,,, sallie of BAJA Lord Clyde of moonglow (Baja) Lord quade (baja) playing UO since August 7, 1997 (and still a NEWBIE)

I never answered him that day, I got side tracked at work, and knew that as the days got closer to 10-4, we would be PMing back and forth.

I was so looking forward to meeting My Friend and My Brother, I guess that the meeting will now just be postponed until we can meet in God’s House.

I know you are watching over us sallie, how do I know this, because I believe.

Peace be with You My Friend, My Brother, the window seat will never be the same. *Gives sallie One last Big Bear Hug and says Goodbye*



Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I never new Sallie but I am sure I would have liked him. Online friends are as real as those known face to face and their loss cuts as deep. I thought that I might share a short poem I wrote when I received word that a friend, whom I had know only via the Internet, had died.

My heart is sad and lonely,
As strange as this may seem,
That I grieve for a friend know only,
By letters on a screen.

Jade of Sonoma

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Clyde Quade Sallie
From: sallie Received: 09/23/03 01:22 PM
I am no longer here - 09/21/03

Sits in the sunlight streaming through a window,
thinking, remembering .. sips on a coffee.
You are still here,
even if we can't see you.
Rest in peace!