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A Changing of the Guard ~ Ongoing Event ~ Sunday September 12th, 2010

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Goodman's Rune Library
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The first war against the Void escalates once again! Now is the time to decide where your loyalties lie!

Event Date: This first event is entirely oracle driven and is ongoing beginning Sunday September 12th, 2010 and lasting until further notice.

Notes: As discussed at the last Meet and Greet, "A Changing of the Guard" is the first in a series of themed events where the players will choose a side and through the completion of assigned missions (through liaisons that will be introduced in the future), they can affect the sequence (or outcome) of events and also earn reputation with their chosen side (which will lead to quite a few more things).

For those wishing to participate (Hopefully everyone :) ), here are the guidelines:

1. First I recommend the following readings:

2. For this series, you can choose to throw in your lot with either Queen Dawn and the Forces of Britannia or the Warlord-Prince Juntos and the Armies of the Juka.

3. Should you choose to side with the Juka, see Councilor Branka just outside of Mistas (right at the top of the hill leading through to the main entrance).

4. Should you choose to side with the Queen, see Royal Adjutant Algar just outside of Castle British (next to the stairs that lead up to the castle) .

5. VERY IMPORTANT. Once the player has chosen a side, they will go to their assigned oracle-NPC (as just mentioned) and from there, operate the oracle normally (through keywords) and get their mission. Exclusive to this first mission, once the player has completed the assignment (in this instance, discovering a location) they MUST e-mail me ([email protected]) or PM me three things:
The character name
The chosen side (The Juka or the Queen)
And the location of the goal (where the thing you searching for is located)

6. For the sake of simplicity, the first mission for both sides is the same and is relatively short (and there is no reward).

I will manually be keeping track of who sides with who and it should be noted that for every 1 reputation point you gain with one side is 3 that you lose with the other. If a player does not get in touch with me concerning their decision, then no note will be made and the player remains neutral.

To quickly summarize:

Choose a side (as mentioned above), head to your NPC oracle, perform the mission then e-mail or PM me the three things mentioned above.

Any questions (please refrain from posting information spoiler details of the missions, send those by PM), as I am sure there will be many, or suggestions, please post them to this thread or e-mail me at [email protected].

On the side, know that this series is and will be experimentation, and I will be trying several new things to liven things up as the series goes on.
Not open for further replies.