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(OT) A big thank you to all

Hello All,

I just wanna tell you that I was discharged this morning from hospital and allowed to go back to home.
To all who didnt know, the OP went great, no complications and I should have my results in a week.
I would like to take a minute to thank everybody that asked about me and wrote to me via the forums or ICQ, some of you have even been more worried and concerned than my friends in RL!!! for that I thank you. I wont name names, but I am sure you all know who I am talking about. Thanks again and see oyu in game.:next:

Big hug and Kiss,

Alex CS


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I would like to take a minute to thank everybody that asked about me and wrote to me via the forums
Alex CS
Please excuse me if I write this as an old-time returning player who has no idea who you are. (Absolutely no offence is intended by that description.)

You have just encountered everything that is good about Europa.

A long, long time ago, there was a post here from Fluffi Bunni that just said "Thank You"

The responses to that thread ran into several pages.

The few Europans that I had actually met; and the vast majority that I only knew as "my cartoon character talking to your cartoon character" showed a degree of empathy that I found quite extraordinary.

When you get a response from Europa, you know you have found a home.
I agree with you, the warmth and the care that I have felt by various people in-game, forums and ICQ, is incredible. The people who play in Europa are true genuine people, that look out for each other and care and worry, not just there for a quick laugh in-game, kill, hunt and thats all.... They actually forget that they met you in a game and its like they knew you from childhood or very well (hope you understand what I say, getting emotional, and muddling my words up...) I would like to take another minute to thank again all these great people who make this game awesome and enjoyable for all. Make it a special place to be and have fun. I think more people should give merit and thank each other more, as we sometimes deserve that care and love for each other.

Now enough sloppy poppy chat... Lets get back to hardcore gaming!!! Hahaha:gee: