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NEWS A 2020 Pandemic Memorial Has Been Placed at the WTLA Memorial Rune Library

El of LA

Babbling Loonie
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2020 has been a bear. Really. Haven't we all heard it ROAR?!? 1601092875704.png

People have lost loved ones. People have gotten ill to varying degrees and with varying leftover issues. People have lost jobs. People have now lost housing... food... security... and some have lost UO as well. I don't want to forget any of our lost UO friends and family.

In the midst of all this chaos, some people have had babies. Some people have gotten married and started new lives in the midst of all this BIG STUFF. Some people have joys to share and some have sorrows.

I have never in my years seen a time so fraught, and yet so full of blessings. 2020 has kept me very busy with both! I wanted to find a way that we, in UO, could mark this huge, big, difficult year and tell each other a little bit if we chose to about our experiences in this strange time and leave a memory behind to mark the fact that we all have lived through this together.

I have put together a simple memorial on the 3rd floor of the WTLA Memorial Rune Library North of Vesper. It seems that this library is a fitting place for such a memorial to 2020, since it contains all the historical places and adventures shared by all of us over the 18 years since LA opened. The pandemic, and all its side-effects, should be placed somewhere and be remembered! The 2020 memorial is located at the end of the bookshelves holding the "LA Informer" newspapers for 2020.

UO 2020 Pandemic Memorial 9-25-20.png
On the mage's book stand lies a red book I created that is open to anyone to read, and to add to. If you would like to memorialize a friend, family member, neighbor, or any event that has affected you this year - with joy or sorrow - feel free to add what you would like to say in this book. At the end of the year, I will lock the book with red leaves and it will remain as a testament to what we have lived through. It will be a kind of time capsule for the future that we can look back on to witness what we experienced in this momentous year.

I hope this is a useful addition to our library. Your feedback is welcome. I started off the book with mentioning my neighbor Marsha who died at the end of July from Covid19 along with the joy that I found in befriending a blind woman, who will never be able to experience UO, so I spent a lot of wonderful, quality, time with her - offline! I will check back on the book regularly to read your entries. I hope others will also.

You can reach the WTLA Memorial Library easily from either the Veritas Inn on the North side of Luna or from the LA Player Center on the road East of Umbra. Each house has a transport tile at the entrance you can step on and go to the library. You can return from there as well. In addition to the memorial, you can browse all the runebooks created since the shard was opened by players who have left the game and given their hard work to us for safe-keeping. There are also items created by our friends who have left us. While you are there, you can take advantage of a free repair bench, a runebook-spouting house steward, free purple leaves, and other delights.

Rowan and I hope you find our Rune Library a memorable and useful place!

Here's to the quick arrival of 2021! :shots:

-- El