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8th Auction: 24th of June


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The Auction Items and The outcome of them from the previous Auction (on 27th of May), can be viewed: HERE

Basic Plot of our auctions:
  • Community Submitted Auctions
  • Hybrid In-Game / Webpage Multi-stage Event
  • Free of cost to enter auctions

8th Auction have been Planned, This will be on:
Friday, 24th of June, 2011 at 20:30 CET
in Knucklehead Auction House
Central European Standard Time

You may now submit auctions for this event, and/or view auctions that is currently on the program by clicking below link
You can submit items until Friday 24th of June 00:30 (12:30 AM) CEST


For support with adding auctions please ask away in our Support Forum.

Basic Guidelines and Information

Pre Event - Stage 1
  • auctions will pend approval to only approve the auctions that has possible buyers
  • auctions can be submitted by anyone that register on our page and is currently logged in, doing so is free and will never cost you a dime.
  • we keep a tidy log of what is in our possesion that is not ours, items and gold alike, trusting us with your items is nesesery.
  • You can submit your auction on this page
  • Auctions must be submitted on our webpage 20 hours BEFORE the event, any auctions submitted after that will not make it to the event.
  • Likewise, Items for auctions must be in our hands 20 hours BEFORE the event, any item not in our hands at this point will be deleted from the program.
  • you can expect any auctions that is listed on our page 20 hours before the event starts is the items and prices auctioned. however there may or may not be additional surprice auctions.

Event (ingame) - Stage 2
  • To bid just name the amount of your bid in normal speak
  • The bids after Julia says "Sold!" is not valid
  • you may start bidding when Julia have introduced the item.
  • when you win an item, it will be placed on a vendor behind Julia, where it will be purchaceable at the price of the winning bid, the winners name will be put in seller's description.
  • You may be banned from the establishment if you repeatedly and intentionally try and trick the auctioneer, by bidding last second before hammerfall!

Post Event - Stage 3
  • Gold and Items that did not sell (if any), will be handed out/back to the auction owners
  • new auction will be planned, if any.