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7/20 Tuesday 9:15 Festival and Tournament

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On 7/20 we shall bring back one of UO's most barbaric event types. The festival of the potent liquids. This festival is a celebration of wine and blood. Discontinued by the usurper Casca and banned under penalty of exile by the traitorous ranger, Dawn.

The Council of Mages, in our infinite wisdom are declaring open rebellion against the harlot Dawn's reign. The council has hereby reinstated the people's beloved festival of barbarism, and hedonism. We shall thus celebrate blood and wine's impact on the realm.

How shall we demonstrate our rebellion? In traditional fashion, of course. I'm sure many of you know of this ancient celebrations three part ritual.

The procuring of the wine! The running of the blood and then tournament of champions!

Part 1: The procuring of the wine.
When? 9:15pm EST on Tuesday. Where? The Yew winery. What? We shall all be getting very very drunk on the realm's finest beverages.

Part 2: The running of the blood
When? 9:45pm EST on Tuesday. Where? It starts at the yew winery. What? We shall be streaking, in the traditional fashion, very drunk to the tournament grounds in Britain. The course shall run from Yew through the southern route into Britain. Once in Britain we shall proceed to the healers and then provide gates to the chosen pvp arena.

Note: tournament contestants are encouraged to not use their pvp characters streaking. We have no desire to wait out stat loss. A large group of naked players should result in a large amount of bloody corpses to celebrate the festival of the potent liquids.

Part 3: The tournament. 10pm EST

The tournament is a 2v2 casting only tournament. No pets, pots, apples, boxes, mounts, summons, weapons(books[required],lanterns and shields only). You may use the various spell casting skills. No hiding, or stealthing, no going invisible, or using smoke bombs. No pre-casting before the walls drop.

You must register your team beforehand. The entry charge is a mere 1million gold. I shall be putting up 5million gold before hand to sweeten the pot to start. The winning team shall take all entry fees. It's a simple single elimination tournament. ICQ 248964600 to register. You must enter your fees before hand and provide you team mates name and icq.

In the event of some crazy disturbance, I reserve the right to move the tournament to a back up arena. In the event of breaking the rules, I reserve the right to disqualify you, your teammate and any of your guild mates present.

Note: If this event goes well, you can expect to see more like it with much larger contributions on my part to the initial pot.

ICQ me on 248964600 with your teammates name and ICQ. We shall meet and collect fees.
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