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Holiday Item 6th anniversary, 2012 valentines - Napa


Just returning back to UO after a -very- long hiatus.

Not sure how much these are worth, if anything, but need to get some starting gold.

Heart Shaped Box x5
Valentines Day 2012 Valentines :
Yew Stole My Heart ___. Signed ___.
Lady Melisande Made Me Do It ___. Signed ___.
Blackrock has driven me crazy for..., ___. Signed ___.
Happy Valentines Day ___. Signed ___.
You are too sweet ___. Signed ___.

Cupid's Arrow 2012 x5
Cupid Statue x5

Mininova fireworks wand x5 - all with 100 charges

Happy 6th anniversary bag x5
Green, Purple, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow
Fireworks wand x5 - all with 500 charges
Happy 6th anniversary cake x5
A Birthday Bell - Green, Happy 6th Anniversary from Aeryn
A Birthday Bell - Purple, Happy 6th Anniversary from Zoot
A Birthday Bell - Dark Blue, Happy 6th Anniversary from Abaddon
A Birthday Bell - Green, Happy 6th Anniversary from Sannio
A Birthday Bell - Yellow, Happy 6th Anniversary from Fertbert

A Statue of Iolo

A Flaming head deed