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4xLeg Bard Template?


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So, i was thinking of creating a true 4xLeg Bard Template on one of my alt accounts for buffing/debuffing purposes. This char is mostly going to be paired with another of my chars. Here's what i got so far...
120 Music
120 Discord
120 Provo
120 Peace
GM Magery
GM Med (110 with Balakai's Shaman Staff)

Got 40 points left over. At first i thought about picking up 40 Necromancy, and using +35 Necro worth of items to go into Lich Form for the extra +13 MR, but then i did a few tests on TC. Turns out there's absolutely no difference in mana regen between 50 MR with just Resilience running, vs 63 MR with Resilience+Lich Form running. So scratch that. Going up to 120 Med though does make a mana regen difference, so i was thinking about going up to 110 Med (120 with Balakai's Shaman Staff), which would leave me with 30.0 skillpoints left. What do you think i should put those in? Keep in mind, i can get at least +30 skillpoints from imbued FC 1/FCR 3 Jewelry that i create for this char.


Stratics Veteran
Personally I'd 120 Mage and Med in real skill and some other Mage Weapon option.

Or use it for Wraith Form, I'm sure with JOAT SS you would regain something, you could push through in Fel, and damage with Firehorn/Despair/Trib.

Or Spellweaving, though I sometimes like to stone off Peace for 120 Spellweaving.