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3rd customize house contest by EAJ

  • Thread starter imported_athos_uo
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EA Japan has held a contest of customizing houses. Here are some of them! Enjoy!

The 1st winner for large storage: "Santa Claus is coming !"

The 1st winner for small storage: "A hut on a snow mountain"


Good designs: "Merry's Yasagure"

Good designs: "Merry Chrismas may sound everwhere!"

The last one seems to be affected by the house of the last year's "floating island":
Cf: floating island


The prized houses

non-prized ones

you can see the large pictures if you click on the next letters on the link above:



I havent found it yet...

[/ QUOTE ]

Try these, Falon:

House 1

House 2

House 3

I was a bit puzzled by the winner. It is a very nice house design, but I have seen what I consider far more amazing houses just in running around (or rather wading through molasses
) on the Asian shards. Maybe they simply didn't get as many entries as usual. Is that Magincia rubble used for the pond area? We don't have any deco bits like that on the U.S./Euro shards, but I heard they got some special deco packages from EA Japan in their boxed sets.

I love the floating island. I suspect they used most of their plot's lockdowns to construct it.



Yeah I really dig the floating island. I love designs like that, I guess I'm bored with more traditional house designs, tho I think the contest winner did a fabulous job with their rubble plant pond. I still woulda picked the last one to win.