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[21.01.20] Critical Hideout Issue [Updated 12:20 UTC]

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Hello everyone,

Update 2 (12:20 UTC):
The first hideout battles are pretty much done, our manual bandaid fix worked as intended. The other hideouts now will get the same treatment, so they become attackable in their respective prime time. A proper fix for the underlying issue will happen tomorrow.
Please note that our workaround will trigger a "hideout damaged" ingame mail. Since we have to bring down the shield of an already constructed hideout, this is one of the side effects.

Update (11:29 UTC):
There was an issue with the hideouts that made them finish right after maintenance, instead of during the prime time of their cluster. This means that, effectively, preventing hideouts from being finished became impossible.
Our solution for this today, as to get ahead of the first prime time activating in 30 minutes is the following: Hideouts that are finished will stay finished. However, we will bring their shields down to a state where they become attackable during their next prime time. Hence, the prime time fights can and will still happen, and a single attack on the hideout can destroy it.
This is our bandaid fix until we can implement a proper one. We will keep you posted on this.

Due to a critical bug with the Hideouts, the game had to be taken offline. Currently, there is no ETA for it going back up. Will update here once we know more.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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