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2022 Bone List


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hello Chessy! Time again for my annual Bone List :cool: With so many titles, colors, and style combos, I am just listing the name, amount of bone sets, and if its the new colors.
[ Ex. Sweetpeez Meezadd (2)*] Bones.png New Colors are Wildfire and Demonic Forces. Bones are containers and are worth 300 clean up points.(So even if you do not want to keep them; you can get the clean up points for them.)

I have placed a house in Zento just for bones. It is located at 38 25 N 40 25 W. Zento House.png

If you want your bones, you can call out in gen chat, reply to post, or private message me here. I have added a mailbox this year that you can drop in a rune to your mailbox and I will deliver. You can list names in a book or use the rune itself. If The toons I know that are in G, CAT, and Pain, your bones will not be listed here. They will be dropped into Mariah's, Pam's or Cork's Luna Mailbox. Check list for alts or names I wasn't 100% sure. Pax Lair bones will be brought to Tuesday Meetings and can ask me in alliance.

The List :

Amamos (1)

Anksumamum (1)

Anubis (1)

Ardal Rocque (1)

Artemis (2)

Autumn Rayne (1)*

Big Dad (2)*

Blagor (1)

Brain Freeze (1)

Calluna (2)

Carrie (2)

Cartel Killer (1)

Cattie Brie (3)

Chicken Hawk (4)

Cobalt (1)

Cryptic (1)

Derek Dauntless (3)

Dragon Bane (1)

Elyssa (1)*

Fentanyl (1)

Galaab (1)*

Genevieve (6)*

Genghis Khan (5)*

Glendamole (1)

Greylight (1)*

Guliver (1)

Hakuna Matata

Holder (1)*

Hot Girl (2)

Ice (1)*

Isobel (3)

Jasmine (2)

John Doe (1)

Kashga (1)

Kiera Menagerie (3)*

Kiraliian Vaniya (1)

Korn (1)

Laila (1)

Magus (2)

Mamae Querida (2)*

Mari (1)

Marty (1)

Maxmillion (1)

Mistas (4)

Mistwalker (2)

Mourning Star (1)

Mysti (1)*

Mzhman (1)

Neph (1)

Nivek (6)

PneuMoNo (1)

PwNoGrApHy (4)

Ravager (1)

Recon (2)*

Remlap (2)

Roc (1)

Sadist (3)

Sammie (1)

Seabreeze (3)

Shirka (4)

Siren Muse (1)*

Sirwilliamgeorge (1)*

Six (2)

Sophera (4)

Spyder Webb (2)

Stashed (3)

Styg (1)

Sub-Zero (7)*

Susannah Dean (2)*

Swamplight (2)

Taito (1)

The Russian (1)

Thierry (1)

Trisha (5)*

Ultima Hurricane (1)

Valerie Lavalor (1)

Vedete (1)

Victoria (1)

Yum Yum (2)