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1 month without tso, what has everyone been doing with their life



well... this is all rather odd! As a founder member of TSO I never really thought it might come to an end and having cancelled my TSO account almost a year ago on the basis I could always go back its now a bit of a shock to find its no longer there!! :( Well I guess all good things must come to an end, including the TSO radio stations that appeared along the way, the X til you drop contests and yes, even the payouts!!! I now have the urge to look up some old TSO buddies!

Good bye to those Sims who knew me and those who didn't, maybe we'll all meet again in another (virtual) life!

ta ta - brunette ;)


Hey everyone, found it really cool to find an active TSO Forum. Well I was in AV and BF as Frank Juice. I've been enjoying the holidays, conditioning for the upcoming Football (american) season, and my new games are Playstation 3, and occasional WOW (though I just play my friends toons), and I would like to try SL but like most of you my computer is either to slow, or the Graphics Card isn't that good...maybe both? lol. But again, like most of you no online game can compare to TSO, it was the BEST game I've ever purchased in my life! lol


Playstation 3 name is JuiceFD7
WOW character is Stormillini on Maiev


Hey ya'll...

If you're looking for a place to hang out with other creative minds. you're welcome to join iCreate - a forum created by and for creative Sims players. Even if you don't believe you're creative, then...aww come one! We all have special talents and abilities...even if you don't think you do, we'd love to have you come and chat w/ us :) It's free and we're always looking for new members...


That has really gotten me involved online more and it's really fun. There's no darma, so you don't have to worry about that. Everyone is welcomed to join!

-Cookie :)