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Hey everybody

I thought of posting on this forum as well since it seems people are split on here and uoforums.

Just started on Europa as a new player having alot to learn since i 've learned UO through various "shards" so my knowledge stops at t2a/t2a with a twist.

-first of all is Europa a good shard to startup?I saw ppl around in Haven and i see a couple of ppl in noobie dungeons but that's mostly bout it i was hoping to see more guild representatives at Luna.

-second is there a decent starting mage template to do some PvM and learn a lil PvP ,hopefully kinda old school all these minion type mages (if i understood correctly what those new skills do) are not of my taste.

-and last (sorry the post i think it became bigger from the one on uoforums i did) are there any guilds accepting New players doin a mix of everything,and is there any benefit on playing on Fel facet skillwise(as i said on uoforums i came from darkfall to UO i love harsh gaming enviroments) or i shud skill on tram first.


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Hello Sadmaz and welcome to Europa!

You will find that in Haven there are almost always members of guilds around which specialise in helping new players and take them up in their ranks if they want. Luna is more a trading place, so people tend to not communicate there very much unless you want to buy something.

Felluca is a bit deserted these days, so PvP is not really happening in most parts of it. But around Yew moongate and in some dungeons with champion spawn there is stuff going on. Saying that, I am not an expert in this, so others will be able to give you better advise.

Anyway, I am sure you will hear of more competent people here, so just a big WELCOME from me and if you see somebody of SRC Sosaria Red Cross, say "hi" and get a bandaid!

John II