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  1. hardy-

    [Buying] Looking for Good crafter, rare reforge

    Buying 70% hit cold area 100%(or closest) halberd, or two handed axe can have mods ssi, hml, hsl, hll, battle lust + hit cold area 70%
  2. SpellBreaker

    [Throwing] What are the current Throwing builds for PVM

    Greetings, Anyone have any PVM builds they can share for making a throwing character. Mostly for Navery, Mel, Medusa Abyss spawns etc. Considering - Throwing / Tactics / Anatomy Chivalry Mysticism / Focus (for RC's) The idea was to drop [hide behind] RC, step back and throw. Be...
  3. hardy-

    Selling Armor Good 190 Mage Shield

  4. twinnrova

    New Arrival to Britannia

    Hello, everybody! :D I'm Twinn, and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm a senior at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith majoring in Computer Science, and I own an independent coffee shop and bookseller in Van Buren, Arkansas. I absolutely love role-playing games...
  5. J


    Guild Name: Dread Pirates of Sosaria Guild Abbreviation: DRED Guild Leader: Happy Gilmore Guild Playstyle; (RP, PvP, PvM, or all) Primarily Trammel but we will do it all. Recruitment policy: See below... Contact information: See Below.... Hello, I returned to Ultima Online in hopes that I...
  6. W

    Selling Armor Great Mage Suit

    Has high Stat Increases, which is what i went for, Can lower STR, and INT to make room for extra Dex for blocking purposes. SUIT BASED AROUND A SLITHER Suit as a Whole for sale. BUT if there is an offer i cannot refuse for a single piece, i will sell by pieces. ICQ 351646631
  7. Dropkick Murphys

    [Selling] Some Rares

    All Items on Auctions Safes are for Sale Bidding only here
  8. Zynia

    NEWS Vesper's Defense

    Zynia submitted a new Article: Vesper's Defense Read more about this article here...