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  1. Cork

    [Buying] WTB Great Lakes keep or castle

    The title says it all.
  2. Cork

    [Buying] WTB Castle or Keep

    Looking for a customizable Castle or Keep on GL.
  3. Cork

    [Sold] No longer looking

    No longer looking
  4. Scribbles

    [Selling] Two Fel Keeps next to each other.

    Selling Two Keeps that are placed next to each other. Keeps are in felucca north of brit by crossroad healers. keep1 - 3p *********************SOLD*********************** keep2 - 2p *********PENDING SALE************ Prices are non negotiable. Please dont troll with your other offers or...
  5. Dropkick Murphys

    [Sold] Trammel Keep Yew [Atlantic]

    Taking offers Buyout 3,5p Cant be Custom
  6. SteelRust

    Homes and Castles WTB - 18x18 Lot on ATL

    As by title. 18x18, Tram, Zento or Malas, costal and not occluded preferred, if possible. Please be so kind to PM me with offers. TIA and Happy Holidays! SR
  7. DeBruce

    [Selling] Europa Keep/Trammel by Sea/Canary Keep New Design for Sale

    Hello, i like to sell this very nice Canary Keep (New Design) located on Euro/Trammel near Dungeon Wrong by the Sea. A very nice and quite location with Mountains,Water,Wood and no Monsterspawn. The new Canary Design cost you 30 million, so im asking to sell this cuty for 100mill OBO. please...
  8. Y

    [Buying] Castle on Great Lakes

    I am looking to buy a castle on Great Lakes...
  9. C

    Selling a fel keep (12m OBO)

    Selling a fel keep, west of Minoc. Low spawn, no immediate neighbors. Very quiet spot on the water, with room next to it for a large tower or smaller. 12m OBO
  10. C

    [Selling] Selling Tram Keep 50m OBO

    Made new post (still currently for sale, but lowered price
  11. I

    [Buying and Selling] (Atlantic) Buying Non-Fel Keep, Selling Nearby Yew Gate House

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a keep on a non-Felucca shard on Atlantic! Please PM me or post here.
  12. Yegger

    WTB Castle or Keep

    I am looking to buy a Castle or Keeo in Tram on the Chesapeake shard. Please icq me at 715005330 if you have one available. Thanks!!
  13. T

    Selling Felucca Stone Keep

    (sorry its Trammel ) No neighbors breaking the vieuw can build around on this isolated stand alone keepspot in the center of a small forrest. SOLD
  14. Gidge

    I'm not crazy! west wall

    I've been trying for 3 days using every method I could but could not get a wall piece to go into a spot. I looked at every how to and build and finally watched a UO video of some very very awesome keep designs and guess what! they could not place a wall their either!! I feel very relieved. So...
  15. Lex Darion

    [Selling] EUROPA SHARD - TRAMMEL KEEP for sale (great spot / grass / virtually spawn free) - 25M BO

    Hello! Selling this beautiful Keep , situated near road. Feel free to send offers. Buy out is 25M. Spawn free near old (now destroyed) guard post on road from Britain (leading to Yew / Vesper / Cove). It also "includes" some static objects placed infront of the house for added deco. (small...
  16. Exodus6

    [Selling] ATL Keep *cheap* ICQ me to see

    Selling ATL Keep *cheap* ICQ me to see 559962425 Fully deco'd ICQ# 559962425
  17. B

    [Buying] Buying 18x18 or Bigger - Fel or Tram

    Hello Everyone, I'm returning to UO and would like to buy an 18x18 or bigger (Keep or Castle). This is what I want: 1. Be close to a town or moongate (like a few screens at most, NOT a 10 min run). Will pay premium for Brit (fel or tram). Can make exceptions for the Keep or Castle. 2. Should...
  18. S

    [Buying] Atlantic Tram Keep

    Thinking of down sizing? Well I am buying a Mountain/Water front or Stand Alone/Isolated Keep (Trammel). Paying up to 1 Plat immediately. This is for personal use and not re-selling. In addition I can transfer my current house to you for storage as well. Please respond to post or ICQ. 494789435...
  19. Octavian

    [Selling] Trammel Keep North of Minoc