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em item

  1. Yuudai

    [Price Check] Sonoma EM Item 1 of 15

    I have had this for awhile and am looking for an idea of what it might be worth if I decide to sell. It is from a June 22 EM event this year. I know only 15 dropped. Thanks for the help! Crate Of Goods Marked With The Zento Seal Tradecrate by Yuudai posted Aug 22, 2016 at 11:24 AM
  2. leet

    EM Event Item Alot of Great Items @ Leets Luna! Come take a look =)

    ICQ# 167796133 If you would like make any offers please feel free to send me an ICQ or you can message me here on stratics, thanks! =) _______________________________ ______________________________________________ Thank you to my loyal customers!
  3. T

    EM Event Item Atlantic 9/24 EM Event book for sale

    Selling "The Never-Ending Story: A Book Of Fantastic Tales Spun By Bennu, The Jongleur" 100mil or better offer on Atlantic. From the EM even held on Atlantic on 9/24
  4. Armani Exchange

    [Auction] EM Necklace Drop "An Ancient Ivory Necklace consisting of a Lark And A Wren Embracing While In..."

    Auctioning This Necklace Graphic EM Drop - Ends Sunday 27th, 7PM EST An Ancient Ivory Necklace consisting of a Lark And A Wren Embracing While In Flight