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Map Server Hosting (By the Knuckleheads) 2016-11-29

Map Server Hosting provided by the Knuckleheads. Support All 3 Map Programs.

  1. Gilmour
    We at Knuckleheads.dk are currently testing connectivity, performance and reliability of the server hosting the upcoming map hosting service.

    You can test the service by logging on to your preferred service:

    UO Cartographer
    Server: map.knuckleheads.dk Port 11000
    Password: demo

    UO Auto-Map
    Server: map.knuckleheads.dk Port 2000
    Password: demo

    Ultima Mapper
    Server: map.knuckleheads.dk Port 12000
    Network: demo
    Password: demo

    We can also set up a private server for you (and/or your guild), in the testing period this comes at no cost. Contact us for that.

    We will keep the cost down on it, though as of yet, have not determined a fixed price.

    We do not make this service as means of profit, rather to cover any expenses we have with hosting the site, our servers and associated domains.
    Additional Requirements:
    Ultima Online
    Ultima Online Assist
    Associated Map Specific Tracking Add-on for Enhanced Client (If required)