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Safe Haven, Siege Perilous

Safe Haven

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Report from meeting today
Only Sing and I was present.
Freja: hi
Singularity: afternoon
Singularity: meeting today?
Freja: yes
<1464013>Freja: calling Safe Haven Citizens to meeting room
Singularity: then im on time
Singularity: :]
Freja: yep
Singularity: should i read this?
Freja: hope more will come
Singularity: aye'
Freja: it was posted on moderator wall
Singularity: So... have any ideas?
<1464013>Freja: Lupe, Storm, you on?
Singularity: So what about a crafting day?
Singularity: Imbuing for people
Freja: sounds like a good idea
Singularity: they bring the ingreds, we make for them
Singularity: people always looking for an imbuer
Freja: yes
Singularity: I think it would be a good start
Freja: but they may fear to bring their resources here
Singularity: we can have a lock down box for them
Freja: many are scared of public houses witthout doors
Singularity: i doubt that
Singularity: this is siege
Singularity: :]
Freja: hehe
Singularity: if its something to do
Singularity: they will come
Freja: we can ban trouble makers who refuse to be peaceful here
Singularity: Thankfully there arent very many of those around
Freja: I placed a few cats to warn about stealthing thieves
Singularity: There ya go
Singularity: I think its a good start
Freja: me too
Singularity: we can do bow contests
Singularity: and mongbat darts
Singularity: for prizes
Singularity: lol
Freja: lol
Singularity: cheap and easy
Freja: only thing we need is more active players
Freja: I hope the new public will help that
Singularity: right , if ya build it, they will come
Singularity: well
Singularity: lets post it
Singularity: on startics and see how many are intrested
Freja: ok
Singularity: go from there
Singularity: get a feel
Singularity: ill ask Talia
Singularity: later when i see her
Freja: thanks
Singularity: she will be ok with it
Freja: I hope victim will recover fast
Singularity: Me too
Singularity: Even tho it was just us, we still have a plan
Freja: yes
Freja: TDO will help
Singularity: Of course?
Singularity: :]
Singularity: ill slap im imbuing on and tink and Bs
Freja: Tina can be here sometimes too
Singularity: more the merrier
Singularity: :]
Singularity: ok im gonna go do some yard work :[ ill be on later
Freja: ok
Singularity: meeting ajourned!
Singularity: lol
Freja: Smiles
Singularity: ill see ya soon
Singularity: have a good evening
You see: wooden planks
Freja: you too
Freja: and thanks for comming
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