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Would a dev kindly look into ajusting this please...

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lady Storm, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Lady Storm

    Lady Storm Crazed Zealot

    Reciently on Atlantic I added cooking to one of my characters... ok this is good i think...
    All is fine till i go to use the basket of herbs locked down at one of my homes..... I go click on it ....nada
    again I click on it .... nada... hmmmm
    Ok I go get another character to try...... nada ....hmmmm I know it was working when i used my basket on napa.
    I relog in napa and go check on the basket there.... ok my non cook clicks on the basket and gets the boost.....
    hmmmm I then go back to Atlantic nope not working .... defective basket?? ok last try I go log in Origin to my cook there nope the basket is not working... ok now I am beginning to think the dippy baskets are bugged.

    I took a run at the uoguide thingy and low and behold the bloody basket will only work for the account that owns the house !!!! Now is that stupid or what!

    Dev... dear dev, I know your busy and all but can you please ajust that... I own alot of homes on many accounts,and on many shards so it dont bug me too much but sence I cant own a house on every shard by every account this thing with the owner of home only bit is a bit much. How about friends of the house added to this "Basket of Herbs" alowable usage list?
    Sevin0oo0 likes this.
  2. TullyMars

    TullyMars Sage

    Agreed and signed.
    Actually I believe it should have a full security setting to allow for anyone (or friends, or guild, or whatever status set) to use.
    I got a basket of herbs for a guild "public" cooking house and was just as disappointed as you when I found out only the house owner could take advantage of it.
  3. elspeth

    elspeth Seasoned Veteran

    Agreed and signed.
  4. Lady Storm

    Lady Storm Crazed Zealot

    As you all can guess I have homes on my major accounts on quite a few shards, but not all the shards I play on. :)
    Oh I do have homes but not on those accounts graced with cooks!
    Now in the Dev's defence they might not have been the exact dev team to make this error.
    I can see why one would have made it for use of say friends only or as stated above, given it the choice of who can use which is far better then just the owner of house.:confused:
    IT's not a small feat to fix but one I think will be good for future endevores in cooking for the masses. Ok DEV the ball so to speak is in your court, please fix this for the people of UO.:scholar:

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