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[News] They DO EXIST! (but not for long!) Look for Upcoming Publish

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by AirmidCecht, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht Sexier than Taylor Stratics Pro Staff Alumnus Stratics Supporter

    <center>They DO EXIST! (but not for long!) Look for Upcoming Publish</center>

    Much like Santa and the M&Ms meeting at Christmas, I had that moment tonight after searching for days for the elusive rare purple bunny. "They do exist!" I screamed with joy as Delilah of B^C gave me a new found jellybean looking purple bunny.

    I was on a deadline with the next publish coming soon that would change the bunnies back to their normal, less festive hue. I had just made a general comment on the forums when Delilah contacted me, so thank you very much you goddess of UO.


    With that said here is the rest of the publish that is on Origin Shard now if you want to test out the changes and updates before it is shared with Lake Superior and feel free to discuss!

    Posted to <a target="_blank" href=http://www.uoherald.com/news/>uoherald.com:</a><blockquote><span class=osi></p> [​IMG]
    <font size=+1> Origin to be Published</br></font> <font size=-1>Jeremy Dalberg </font>
    25 Mar 2008 14:02:55

    Origin is currently being updated with the following: </p>

    Fixed a NPC Grammar Error </p>

    Greater Dragons now drop scales and leather when skinned</p>

    Properties on the ML recipe bows should now stack correctly with runic, exceptional and material bonuses</p>

    Fixed an additional bug that caused properties to be dropped on some ML weapons</p>

    Body sculptors and hairdressers should no longer wander too far away</p>

    Recipe bows that previously had a 0% exceptional chance now have a 5% exceptional chance (In order to allow for an exceptional chance greater than 0 at GM skill, the success rate and minimum fletching skill have been adjusted. Success rate is now 50% at GM (was 40%.) Min Fletching is now 70 (was 75%.))</p>

    Ships will no longer catch fire around the island of Magincia</p>

    Leather and elf armor will no longer lose properties when runic-crafted or spawned as magic loot</p>

    NPC animated corpses should now deal damage and take damage in the Trammel ruleset. </p>

    Players should now be able to complete the summon fiend quest chain.</p>

    All bunnies will spawn in their normal colors again</p>

    Pet summoning ball changes:</p> [*]Pet summoning balls unhide the summoner when attempting to summon their pet. Pet summoning balls have a disruptable casting animation like other spells Pet summoning balls have a reuse delay of 15 seconds.

    Pet AI changes:</p> [*]Guard: The pet should guard as it does currently. [*]Follow: The pet should follow. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked. [*]Come: The pet should come. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked. (If the pet cannot pathfind to its owner, it will not become passive.) [*]Kill/Attack: The pet will attack its target as it does currently. [*]Stop: The pet will stop attacking. It will not attack anything, even if it is attacked, and may wander. [*]Stay: The pet will stay where it is currently, and will not attack anything, even if it is attacked.

    Fixed an issue where Talismans were occasionally spawning without any properties</p>

    Players can no longer place insured items on a player-run vendor. (Existing insured items on vendors will not be affected.)</p>

    Quest items will now untoggle if the player dies while carrying them</p>

    Players will now receive a 'You have too many pets guarding you' system message if they already have more than 5 pets guarding them. (Note: pets in the stable that have been commanded to guard may count towards this limit.)</p>

    Each pet that is guarding a player will have a "Guarding" note on mouseover.</p>

    Fixed issues with the list of guarding pets not being maintained correctly</p>

    Provoking onto a creature will no longer cause those in combat with that creature to stop fighting</p>

    The Darkwood Armor set bonus now has 100 Luck instead of Night Sight</p>

    Acid Proof Rope will no longer remove a spell from a spellbook when crafted</p>

    The "Bless" spell icon will no longer incorrectly disappear if the player logs out</p>

    Regina in Castle British now lets you know if you are on the wrong stage of the quest rather than just saying you are too busy</p>

    Fixed system message upon creating an alliance to correctly show the alliance name</p>

    Exceptional crafted chocolate will have the maker's mark attached correctly</p>

    Salvage bags will no longer recycle Age of Shadows gift clothing</p>
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow, good job finding one. I've been looking for awhile, no luck yet. [​IMG]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've got one saved in my stable. They are kinda cute.

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