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Auction End Times - Money Left On Table

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by HoldenCaulfield, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. HoldenCaulfield

    HoldenCaulfield Seasoned Veteran

    Shadow Light

    Just a thought regarding auction end times.

    I would recommend folks who post an auction not have a strict deadline, but instead some kind of scaling deadline. [i.e. I would like to end this auction on XX/XX/XXXX at <time> with it continuing until X minutes/hours have passed after the last bid.] This meaning that each last bid, extends the end time by the specified time frame.

    The reason being is that with a strict deadline, everyone could just wait until the last minute of the auction to outbid the minimum amount and the seller may lose out on quite a bit of gold if the buyers would have gone higher.

    I think something like the above may result in more auction activity and a better auction experience overall.

    As an example, the recent Auction for a Magincia House could have gone for much less if both Podolak and I had waited to bid until the end of the auction, in fact we were sort of naive to drive up the price on one another.

    Anyways, just a suggestion. Might need more thought or tweaking, but thanks for reading!
  2. Baby Doll

    Baby Doll Sage

    I believe you have a good thought there. I will take that into consideration on my next auction, big or small. Thanks for posting!
  3. Bo Bo

    Bo Bo Sage

    It all comes down to the person running it. Personally when Bo auctions something off, Bo has a price in mind. If that price isnt hit Bo will not sell or Bo will just let the auction go until it hits the price Bo was thinking of. Bo was on the receiving end of someone out bidding Bo at the last minute not to long ago, which is Bo's fault for not bidding more.
  4. Tjalle

    Tjalle Crazed Zealot


    Then you (or anyone else who does this) should just start the auction with the price you have in mind.

    Cuz it´s not really an auction if you have players bid on something and then refuse to sell because you didn´t feel you got what you wanted. Would save you and especially the bidders their time and effort.

    I´ve never liked the feature on UO auction sites where they have a reserved price but still starts the auction with 1gp. Makes no sense to me...
  5. Bo Bo

    Bo Bo Sage

    Bo has never had the problem you have stated. And anyone ever doing a deal with Bo has been completely satisfied. Go back and look at the way bo holds and auction bo states everything bo feels needed. Many auction items have a reserve it is to make it fair for everyone. Keeps lowballers like you inline. It beats the turd that has alot more free time than the Bo to hang out till minutes before the item is set to be sold and bids up that last second. That really blows it happened to Bo with alot of items from czars last auction.
  6. Czarina

    Czarina Slightly Crazed

    I like your idea holden. Only reason for the very descriptive deadline on my auction is due to a mishap that happened a week or so ago where someone bid on a item at like 9:00:01 and bid before that was at 8:59:59 therefore the deadline of 9:00 was fuzzy as to who won. I do believe both parties ended up happy but there was a small argument over who won the auction.
  7. Nakukak

    Nakukak Sage

    Why not just use

    UO-Auction 2

    Theres a server called Siege Perilous .. ? :p

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