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[Selling] 9th Years veteran rewards [SOLD]

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by Ivory Norwind, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie

    Selling 2 9th Years veteran rewards. Every type of reward. 6 million each.
    One sold.
    Remain only one reward

  2. Lord_Rotin

    Lord_Rotin Adventurer

    Re: 9th Years veteran rewards

    Will take the other.

    I icq you tonight, when i get home.
  3. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie

    Re: 9th Years veteran rewards

    Sorry Lord_Rotin but i've sold all :(
  4. Lord_Rotin

    Lord_Rotin Adventurer

    Np, i can wait a bit longer then for my polar bear... :)
  5. Ivory Norwind

    Ivory Norwind Babbling Loonie

    I have a polar bear of mine but for 15 millions. Let me know

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