Publish Notes from 2009-09-08 (2)

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Publish Notes from 2009-09-08 (2)

Originally posted September 8, 2009 02:41 PM by Draconi EA on Stratics:

Greater Dragon Nerf 1.0

  • Damage cap of 130 (Melee and Breath Attacks)
  • Special attack change 10%, instead of 20%*
  • Special attacks fire n:* more than once every 30 seconds
  • Breath fires n:* more than once per 45 seconds
  • Breath and special attacks will never fire less than 15 seconds apart
  • Tamers which are hidden and flagged aggressor against another player will be revealed when their dragon breath attack hits the player
  • This is about rate of occurence. Most super boss-mobs in the game have a rate of occurence of 20% (1:5 hits unleashed a special move). The fact that the Greater Dragon kept this after being tamed was insane.

We've effectively halved that occurence rate to a much more acceptable rate of 10%, which is still upper-end, but not out of the range of other pets.