Patch Notes from 2011-11-01

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Patch Notes from 2011-11-01

Client patch /

English patch notes

No English patch notes were published for this patch.

Japanese patch notes (English)

Note: this patch log was originally published in Japanese, and has been translated using Google Translate.

Changes (common to both clients)

  • The chat channel that can participate in the trial account is "Help" only.

Japanese patch notes (Japanese)

変更内容 (両クライアント共通)

  • トライアルアカウントで参加できるチャットチャンネルは「Help」だけになります。

Unofficial patch notes

New localization strings

  • Your last word has been set up. You will speak this word when you die.
  • Poisoned weapons are unable to be used under the current ruleset.
  • Skill: ~1_skillname~ ~2_skillamount~ ~3_unitname~
  • skill points
  • Test Center Shield Transfer Token
  • golems
  • Spirit bottles
  • Portraits of the Bride
  • Mirrors of Purification
  • Tiger Claw Sect Badges
  • Serpent Fang Sect Badges
  • Dragon Flame Sect Badges
  • Amulets of Righteousness
  • Alchemist's Bandages
  • Misericords
  • Current last word:
  • You have gotten the ability of Last Word as the reward of your duel! Let's open your context menu and choose Set Last Word.