Patch Notes from 2007-08-17

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Patch Notes from 2007-08-17

KR Client Patch vers.

Jeremy Dalberg17 Aug 2007 15:44:24 EST

At 11:30AM PDT (6:30PM GMT) on Friday, August 17, the KR client will be updated to version Notes after the jump:

  • New Customizable waypoint functionality
  • Movement improvements
  • Fixed scroll bar for house customization
  • Tutorial bug regarding the magic arrow scroll is fixed
  • Gwen gump shows correctly
  • Client crash when traveling from Chaos to Luna is fixed
  • Fixed the ability to lock, increase and decrease skills
  • Auto attack is working correctly now
  • The number associated with the face changes correctly
  • Dark horses will face the correct direction
  • Macros should save correctly in Japanese mode
  • Fixed an issue with using the x out of house customization that made the foundation disappear
  • Fixed crash when crossing facets
  • Fixed bug with ships disappearing when they reached deep water
  • Fixed locking stats
  • Fixed an issue with the backpack and hotbar not graying out when pack is open
  • Mounts are visible when walking
  • Customizable UI option is now visible - see previous post for details!
  • Fixed a chat crash bug involving entering a string of 256 characters
  • Fixed wide string macros
  • Custom housing fix – not displaying correctly after customization