Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-10-22

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Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-10-22

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Larisa [1].

Lady Silverwolf Can skeleton keys ever be made stackable?
Mesanna not as long as they have uses
Lady SilverWolf Red Abyss Essence have no use, is there going to be one in the near future?
Mesanna There are a number of items we are going to make use of, that is one of them, don't throw it away.
Lady Silverwolf On that note, is fey slayer going to be added to imbuing?
Mesanna I think that is the only one that is off the list currently.

I thought at one of the earlier meet and greets we stated we would add it, we have just been tied up with getting the current publishes out to do it.

Lady Silverwolf no problem I'm in no rush just making sure they are not forgotten about.
Mesanna we have not forgotten
Lady Silverwolf I would like to have ankhs added outside of dungeons or at least covetous
Mesanna We will talk about it, we know it's frustrating.
Lady Silverwolf It is, especially in Covetous doing void pool.
Lady Silverwolf What about friends lists added to the game?
Mesanna We used to have one for the EC Client but it did not work out that well. IF we had a better messaging system to tell you when your friends are on that would be great and something maybe we can look into.
Lady Silverwolf What about letting us get conjure trinkets back as a reward like the blackthorn turn-ins or even doom.
Mesanna We will discuss it but maybe put something like it in the game instead. How many more do you have?
Lady Silverwolf I read a post about it on is there still plans for a battleground shard? And that's my last question.
Kyronix There were substantial technical hurdles with making a battleground shard feasible, so we took the approach of VvV and implemented that.
Mesanna Thank you SilverWolf you had some good questions.
DARTANTH Good evening dark Lady and fellow developers
Mesanna greetings Dartanth
Misk Hello!
Bleak Hello!
DARTANTH Ok so I have a few questions and the previous guest inspired some extra ones.
Mesanna remember we do have a line, so limit it to three please.
DARTANTH Speaking of the void pool any idea to turn up the amount of points one can get solo?
DARTANTH very few people do it and it takes almost impossibly long to get any rewards.
Mesanna no sir
DARTANTH like the valorite frostwood maps, in that case any chance of a prospector tool for wood?
Mesanna Well there is one you can get at the void pool *ducks*
DARTANTH well that's something to keep in mind I guess, alright two more.
Mesanna question do you play here? On Origin?
DARTANTH I don't know if it's been discussed yet I am atlantic
Mesanna Go head, you're next question then
DARTANTH Any chance at allowing enhancing with leather for cloth hats?
Mesanna because they are ugly!
DARTANTH seriously leather caps are a fashion travesty so please fix that!
Mesanna we would have to talk about it and measure it out
DARTANTH That seems fair enough
Mesanna how about just some new leather hats?
DARTANTH possibly, I mean in real life you have leather lined hats and such
Mesanna that are not butt ugly!
DARTANTH Leather hats would be great maybe take idea on the forums for fashion styles lol
Mesanna Thank you Dartanth
DARTANTH no problem thank you for your time
Dukiss hail first question is more like a plea, any plans to stop multi accounts boxing especially at events?
Mesanna Hot I wished I had a solid answer for. When the past team made it possible to multi-client, it opened the door for this and made this possible.
Dukiss one scripts fishing every day never been caught, new illegal program put isr to control many accounts.
Mesanna We can only get them for macroing at the moment, that's all we can prove, GMs have to do detect it.
Dukiss Gm doesn't show or can't catch them ok next question, tokuno use dyes don't stack, thought they would.
Mesanna All but the minors
Dukiss yes did the 50 use ones?
Mesanna We have that on our list to fix
Dukiss Last question, does anyone thank you for the hard work you do?
Mesanna not much! :)
Dukiss Well thank you
Mesanna Thank you
Kyronix Thank you!
HellBoy Good evening everyone, thank you for taking the time to meet with origin tonight.
Mesanna greetings Hellboy
HellBoy sorry for being in my scibbies but I was setting off the metal detector for some reason. First question, what does the future of UO look like and what are the steps being taken to advertise to NEW players to join? In order for UO to survive Uo needs to bring in young players and make it fun!
Mesanna have you noticed the ads we have been taken out lately on facebook?and the ones we just took out on youtube to advertise UO? We finally have some backing for marketing which is nice to have.
HellBoy Second question, VvV, I would like to know the reasoning for dropping the silver points earned whether you won the city or not? Because at this rate, earning enough to purchase a 10k point reward will take forever and a day.
Kyronix This was a misstep on our part, in removing the ability to gain silver points via occupation, which essentially resulted in about 400 silver for just standing around.
HellBoy But what if you're the only guild occupying and no other guild comes.
Kyronix we did not redistribute those points back into the goals of claiming an altar, getting a sigil or getting a kill. As of tomorrow those points will have been redistributed back into those tasks.
HellBoy so a work around be to create a guild to pvp our own toons.
Kyronix so you'll get more silver points for altar, sigils and kills.
HellBoy I have one more if you're done with that one.
Kyronix yes that was it
HellBoy last question, could you please bring back things like tokuno artifacts, cities under seige, etc. That was fun for all and might bring people back to the game.
Kyronix have you been down to doom?
HellBoy yes, and love it.
Kyronix we've got a treasures of doom event going on right now
Kyronix it's a seasonal event yes but other treasures of...mechanics are active in the world like blackthorns dungeon and it's a popular system so you'll likely see it applied elsewhere.
HellBoy Thank you
Mesanna thank you Hb
Mesanna Greetings Storm
Bleak hello
Storm good evening
Kyronix hello
Storm Hope you are all well. I have a few questions from multi-shard and old players in the concern of crafting.
Mesanna what are your concerns.
Storm many of their list have been addressed so you're off the hook for them. The rewards for tailoring and smithing I understand you've made comments on a future change, players would like to see either a full change or a rotational change many find that the lower items are old.
Mesanna we are aware it needs a makeover. When we tackle it we will redo the rewards.
Storm to this end many were asking is it possible for stacking tools.
Mesanna actually a very good suggestion was made to do a point system instead for BOD's, I thought it was a pretty good idea actually.
Mesanna As far as stacking tools we will talk about that after vet rewards come out *Grins*
Storm this would go far to keep many of our returning crafters. Now for the big question concerning bod books.
Storm *waits to hear lightning*
Mesanna should I go ahead and slay you now?
Storm so many are complaining of the not yet please lol ok to put it in perspective tailor has full book of bods to work from book holds 500 bods to remove 1 bod they need to remove everything in their pack because the bod book is too heavy to hold. Can they be changed to the way pinks and blue books are now?
Mesanna Storm sorry but sec..we are trying to understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that you have a full bod book and you can't take one bod out? If that's what you're saying that's not true,, and if it is then it's broken.
Storm ok let me make it more clear, a book holds 500 bods that is a 124 item count to hold that book
Mesanna yes I know, in your backpack?
Storm your char must strip down all items on them to get 1 item out of the book.
Mesanna are you talking about while they are in your backpack?
Storm yes ma'am
Mesanna ok we are not changing the weight of these books, the item count is what gets you for the backpack right? not the stones.
Storm correct
Mesanna that's not something that is going to be solved tonight unless we do it from locked down, we will look into that when we revise they system. thank you
Chaos hail
Mesanna good evening Chaos
Chaos I will try to make this quick, first of all thank you for all that you do
Bleak hello and thank you
Kyronix thanks for playing! :D
Chaos I have been critical of you guys on stratics, but overall you do a great job with the game.
Mesanna we appreciate it
Chaos I love the new loot system
Mesanna the compliment not being critical of us :p
Kyronix What's your stratics handle, just curious? lol
Chaos But can you please take a look at how item properties are grouped?
Mesanna do you have something specific?
Chaos things seem to be heavily weighted toward casters, and dexxor friendly pieces are rare?
Mesanna believe it or not it's random, bleak can answer more specific.
Bleak I will look up the specific chances but it is mostly random.
Mesanna he can post those for you guys
Bleak I can post a follow up on the boards
Chaos also, less ugly hats! look at this thing on my head!
Mesanna I hear ya!
Bleak M get outta my head!
Mesanna sorry Bleak! I just type faster!Anything else?
Chaos Thanks guys throw me out for the next guy.
Sugar Daddy Greetings o powerful ones, I am unworthy to grovel before you!
Mesanna greetings sugar
Kyronix hello
Bleak hi
Mesanna how sweet
Sugar Daddy my concern is simple, my brethren and I have found little respite in squabbling for towns. True thieves live wherever there is shadow. We wish to inquire if the dark Lady would at her leisure look into the depths of her twisted and dark heart and find succor for us. Being resigned to second rate archeologist and preying on orc spawn does not suffice.
Kyronix in our earnest hope that we might be able to channel our own shadowing selves, and transmute those very traits into a more robust and exciting professional exercise for one as slippery and evasive as thyself
Mesanna As you see everyone has a dark side they like to show off now and then.
Sugar Daddy yes and I for one try to keep men,, women honest by making them fear that darkness!
Mesanna I am glad to have you on our side, thank you
Sugar Daddy farewell
Andrew Hail
Kyronix Hello!
Andrew good to see you all. I am happy to be meeting with you tonight.
Mesanna as we are you
Andrew Although I have tagged around a few times in the past,, I was curious if there was an idea towards sea surveying of chance of other lands, possibly kingdoms
Mesanna we have a lot of ideas in that direction, they are just not flushed out yet to be able to share them. But we want more sea creatures and adventures that involve water.
Andrew as a purveyor of life, I was wanting to say I would be honored of sometime in the future a few parties could be held at my castle in the general entrance area of the orc cave just outside of yew. And some of you occasionally attend *mischievous smile*
Mesanna I am sure if you have food and beverages K and the team will come lol maybe even heckles, thank you for the invite.
Lady Silverwolf Hi it's me again
Mesanna I see that lol
Lady Silverwolf First question shard shields i have 5 total and I really only use 3 is there any thought on exchanging them for a different shard like on siege with the 7th anny stuff
Mesanna no we are not going to change those
Lady Silverwolf oh ok
Mesanna if we start doing it for those we would have to for everything, not going down that slope, thank you for understanding
Lady Silverwolf second question regarding dragon scales. I honestly think dragon armor should be more powerful then plate because dragons are friggin op especially greaters I was thinking maybe have it so I can enhance plate with scales? Cus as it is dragon armor=poop
Mesanna I happen to agree with you, Bleak here does not.
Lady Silverwolf and I know you did an update on it before but I don't think it's up to par with what we have.
Mesanna we don't have any plans in the near future to update the armor again.
Lady Silverwolf ok well my last question has to do with Ilsh and it's champ spawns. I understand risk vs. reward I do but I feel as though ilsh champs should have more worth to them because paragons are harder then the ones in fel despite being attack-able in fel, not more worth then fel but more then they do now all I get is a crappy pink if that.
Mesanna We have not touched those champ spawns in ilsh in a very long time. So of course they are pretty much out of date to today's standards. WE have a lot on our plates and you guys want a lot of things done, we have to put everything in order it takes time and we have a small team.
HellBoy Last is possible to get Powerscroll books made like the Scroll of Alacrity and Scroll of Transcendence Books?
Mesanna If you're good, you might get them for Christmas *smiles* But only if you're good!