Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-09-24

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Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-09-24

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Fogsbane[1].

EM Lyraa ok Good Evening Siege!!
EM Lyraa We are all here now
EM Troubadour Hearing that the speakers are not working my lady.
EM Lyraa Trouble speak
EM Troubadour Welcome
EM Lyraa please
EM Lyraa ack
EM Lyraa my eyes
Ahren Test
EM Lyraa Shall we start
EM Troubadour *smiles* Please do.
EM Troubadour First up?
EM Lyraa Greetings Amber
Misk Hello!
Amber Witch Good Evening M'Lords and Lady. Thank you for coming to Siege!
Amber Witch Hello All
EM Troubadour The Far Speakers are not working my lady.
Amber Witch My questions concern lobster traps.
EM Lyraa one sec
EM Lyraa sorry
Amber Witch sure
EM Lyraa can you hold please
Amber Witch *taps foot*
EM Lyraa sorry for the delay
Amber Witch Of course
Amber Witch *smiles*
EM Lyraa its his fault
EM Lyraa *snickers*
Amber Witch kill him
Amber Witch *grins*
Kyronix Test
Kyronix Am I coming in clear?
EM Lyraa ok shall we start again
EM Lyraa Welcome Amber!
Amber Witch Good Evening M'Lords and Lady. Thank you for coming to Siege!
Amber Witch My questions concern lobster traps.
Bleak Hello!
Amber Witch Would it be possible to make these a craftable item?
Amber Witch Would it be possible to increase the percentage of named lobster and named crab
Amber Witch as your skill level increases?
Amber Witch Thank you
EM Lyraa thats logical
Amber Witch high % of loss
EM Lyraa and we have talked about doing a upgrade
Amber Witch *nods*
EM Lyraa to the high seas
EM Lyraa cannons etc
Amber Witch last night in around 3 hours I fished up 350 lobster and crab.
Amber Witch In that time I did not fish up enough of any one item
Amber Witch be able to complete a single line ittem of a fishing quest.
Amber Witch So it would be helpful
Amber Witch thank you
Amber Witch Can I leave now?
Amber Witch *grins*
EM Lyraa the teleporter
EM Troubadour Thank you Amber
EM Lyraa should take you out
EM Lyraa lol
EM Lyraa hi Carrick
Misk Hello!
Kyronix Hello
Carrick McGee Hail
Bleak Hello
Carrick McGee Wether or not you are aware
Carrick McGee The White Council holds the record
Carrick McGee for most rounds on the Void pool
Carrick McGee of any other shard
EM Troubadour *applauds*
Carrick McGee My request is that a sign be mounted
Carrick McGee For the shard htat holds that record
Carrick McGee Siege would hold that sign
Carrick McGee or plaque
Carrick McGee until the record is beaten
Carrick McGee which at that time
Carrick McGee the plaque would be transferred to that shard
Carrick McGee Logical?
EM Lyraa right now the Japanese shards do something like that
EM Lyraa but its more than a sign I made a void banner
Carrick McGee We have beaten the Japanese shard
Kyronix Ooooo
EM Lyraa that is passed
Carrick McGee sounds wonderful!
Carrick McGee I beleive it should be passed to Siege then
EM Lyraa no one had ever challenged them
Carrick McGee Our EM was present
Carrick McGee when we surpassed that shard
EM Lyraa your EM should speak to the EM's on those shards then
Carrick McGee Well I believe we did
EM Lyraa and see what we can work out
Carrick McGee and he spoke to the other EM
Carrick McGee when it happened
EM Troubadour I did pass the challenge back to the Japanese EM's.
EM Lyraa I would love to see more xshard competition
Carrick McGee Well I am requesting that banner
Carrick McGee be passed to Siege
EM Troubadour but we can not x-shard the banner to Siege. *sighs*
Carrick McGee Since we surpassed their record
EM Lyraa and I would be happy to do something like you are requesting
EM Lyraa I would even put the winners on UO.COM
Carrick McGee Possibly remove their banner
Carrick McGee and post it on our shard?
Carrick McGee Siege is the undisputable champions of the void pool
Carrick McGee and we would like recognition for it
EM Lyraa ok
Carrick McGee Thank You!!
EM Troubadour *smiles*
EM Lyraa I understand I will talk to the EM's involved
Carrick McGee Fantastic!
Carrick McGee Thank You!
EM Lyraa Most welcome
EM Troubadour Next
Frost Welcome to Siege and thanks for doing this.
Frost I'm sure all the "big" questions have been asked, so I have 2 smaller ones.
EM Lyraa Hi Frost
Frost I'll try to be brief with my 2 questions:
Frost 1- Would you please have a look at the code for raising Battle Chickens.
Frost It seems that some people have chickens that won't lay, others whose eggs won't "age",
Frost and still others whose eggs "aged" very quickly (like the house decay issue).
Frost Kelmo and others (myself included) are raising them for our "League"
Frost but these issues are hampering the community involvement.
EM Lyraa are you having issues with plants also?
Frost Nay
Frost not me
EM Lyraa ok just making sure
Frost but i use beds
Frost 32 of them
Bleak We will take a look
Frost 2nd question?
Frost 2- Would you please consider the "costs" (time, effort,gold) of doing sea battles.
Frost This would include the "costs" of both repairs and aquiring items necessary, like
Frost tons of Saltpeter, etc. Reducing these "costs" would go a long way toward
Frost making the High Seas more "inhabited", so to speak...
EM Lyraa we are going to revist all that
Frost Very wello
Frost well
Frost Thank you for listening..
EM Lyraa we want to redo how the cannons work etc
EM Lyraa Hi Sara
Sara Dale Good evening
Sara Dale *Smiles*
Sara Dale I have a couople questions
Misk Hello!
Kyronix Hello!
EM Lyraa ok
Sara Dale Hoffs our leader is touring the west coast of the US and cant be here
Sara Dale He has and I have a book with piossible bugged houses in our Gilfane town area
Sara Dale is it possible for you or someone to look into these
EM Lyraa I will
Sara Dale thank you
Sara Dale also
EM Lyraa I will return this to Trouble when I finish
Sara Dale I dont gate
Sara Dale ok
EM Lyraa its ok
EM Lyraa I work faster alone =)
Sara Dale to get to a couple places in the new lands
Sara Dale they are closed
Sara Dale the jail cell to the light house
Sara Dale and the Brit sewers have the slimes
Sara Dale anyway to remove the slimes and open the cell so non gaters can get through there to the new l
Sara Dale lands
Sara Dale the other day it took 3 people to rescue one in the sewers
Sara Dale you cant even stealth through there
Sara Dale Thank you
Sara Dale ok
EM Lyraa are you just stating you would like the slimes removed?
Sara Dale yes
EM Lyraa ok thats possible
Ahren I didn't seem slimes there today
Sara Dale from the sewers so non gaters can go through the tunnle
Sara Dale to the new lands
Sara Dale they were there the other day
Sara Dale and the jail cell is locked from the jail
Sara Dale Thank you
Shadow Walker there invisible
Talia Howdy folks
Talia I got one question, Halloween?
Talia Is it on schedule for the most part?
EM Lyraa Halloween is on schedule yes
EM Lyraa it will be the next publish
Talia and Garth wants to horde player named bones all year on siege apparently :p
EM Lyraa turning off bones
EM Lyraa no bones for Garth
Talia Sorry garth
Garth Grey BOO
Talia Okay, I know it's been busy for you all
EM Lyraa MyUO is up and running
Talia But you know how UO players get about halloween
EM Lyraa its in beta
EM Lyraa only phase one
Talia Thanks!
EM Lyraa no pictures yet
Visitor hello all
Kyronix Greetings!
EM Lyraa hi Visitor
Visitor I have a question about the governor system
Kyronix Sure
Visitor i was wodering if there can be a stone or a book placed in LB castle of all the past governors
Visitor also if a governor gets elected 3 or more terms a special robe he she can wear during that term
EM Lyraa I think that should be done at the governor house
EM Lyraa not in the castle
EM Lyraa but thats not a bad idea
Visitor that would be a goo idea
Visitor the houses we use
Visitor what about 3 terms and a special stick or a robe only used by the governor?
EM Lyraa I really don't want to start that
Visitor understood
EM Lyraa I would rather they do it for the game not for the items
Singularity Thank you Sir
Visitor i do it for the game
EM Lyraa I believe you
EM Lyraa but I hope you understand my point on it also
Visitor I do
EM Lyraa some would not
Visitor ty mesanna
EM Lyraa thank you
Visitor and devs
Visitor blueberrys
Visitor ems
EM Lyraa Blueberries
EM Lyraa I love it
Sam hail
Sam just a quicky
EM Lyraa Hi Sam
Sam we had evil and good dyed clothing
Sam now noone can wear any
Sam can we get an undye tube somewhere
Kyronix We are aware of the issue and are looking into what is causing those items to not
Kyronix Be equippable
Kyronix But you should be able to equip them
Sam ok cool -
Kyronix So we'll fix it :)
Sam ok
Sam thanks
EM Lyraa Hi Blanik
EM Troubadour Are you there Blanik?
Misk Hello!
EM Troubadour He may be away.
EM Lyraa he may have to go back in line
Fogsbane hi
EM Lyraa Hi Fogsbane
Fogsbane two parter
Fogsbane please consider rotating the Clean-Up-Britannia Costume reward
Fogsbane to be other other than Zombie and Toad
Fogsbane -and-
Fogsbane can you confirm costumes spawn on Acid Elemental (renowned)?
Fogsbane ive killed tons
Fogsbane notta
Fogsbane ...yet
EM Lyraa one sec
EM Lyraa looking up something
Fogsbane one last thing -
Kyronix Halloween costumes do not appear to be in the loot of that mob
Fogsbane ooo
Fogsbane thank you
Kyronix Or costumes rather
Fogsbane ok one last thing i guess
Fogsbane can i have a ridable purple vortex llama?
Fogsbane hehehe
Fogsbane thanks for coming to Siege
EM Lyraa lol good try
EM Lyraa get out
Singularity Hail and well met!
EM Lyraa Hi Singularity
Misk Hello!
Singularity I wanted to touch on what Sam had said
Bleak Hello
Singularity i pm kyronix today
Singularity about the faction stuff
Singularity hero and evil dyed
Singularity just wanted to bring to your attention that there are some pre-patch items
Singularity that can be worn by anyone
Singularity those are working ok
Singularity please keep those items in mind
Singularity i would hate to lose those as well
Singularity its a part of Siege
Kyronix Afterwards would you mind showing them to us so we can be sure
Singularity Indeed
Singularity i have some on me and some old ones at my keep
Singularity and one more
Singularity thing
Singularity We have blessed dispicable quivers here!!!
Singularity and unforgiven veils
Singularity  :[
Singularity *Coughs*
Singularity Thoughts?
Misk That obviously should not be the case and we will look into fixing that
Singularity Thank you sir
Singularity oh and...
Singularity Mesanna
Singularity can i have your boots?
EM Lyraa Yes?
Singularity  :]
Singularity *Winks*
EM Troubadour Throw him in the moat...
Singularity Ha!
EM Lyraa No I love shoes
EM Lyraa NEVER part with shoes
Singularity Women!
Singularity Thank you for listening
EM Lyraa thank you
Singularity and ill see ya afterwards
Singularity kyronix
Kyronix You got it
Singularity that is all
Singularity  :]
Singularity *Bows*
Sprago hi messana
Sprago just got one question
EM Lyraa hi Sprago
Sprago to utilize the battle arenas better can we get a static gate from luna to each of the arena's since not all can gate here it would make using them easier
EM Lyraa I will consider putting them outside the walls
EM Lyraa near the bagball court area
Sprago that would be great thank you for listening
EM Lyraa only because Luna is so busy
EM Lyraa with event gates etc
EM Lyraa I would like to seperate them
Galadriel Hail All!
EM Lyraa hi Galadriel
Galadriel Welcome to Siege
EM Lyraa thank you
Galadriel Here is an ideal maybe can use
Galadriel For boat battles
EM Lyraa we like ideas
Galadriel an shootable item
Galadriel name siege hook
Galadriel that would aloud you to enter
Galadriel the other boat
Galadriel for pvp battle
Kyronix Have you played AC 4?
Galadriel and such
Galadriel No
Galadriel Never heard of it
Galadriel lol
Kyronix They do something similar
Galadriel ahh
Kyronix You launch a hook to enemy boats and then steal it
Galadriel so could board fight, loot
Galadriel etc
Kyronix If you cause enough damage you can board them now
Galadriel True
Galadriel but that could give differant way
Galadriel to attack
Galadriel and would have to denfend
Galadriel meanly for battle
Galadriel you get idea
Galadriel =)
Kyronix Thanks for the suggestion!
Kyronix :D
Galadriel Thank you for your time
Galadriel =)
EM Troubadour Are there any other questions tonight?
EM Troubadour Anyone else?