Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-06-04

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Developer Meet And Greet from 2014-06-04

This meeting was held in English. It was logged by Flair[1].

Mesanna Good evening Atlantic
Kyronix Good evening everyone!
Mesanna ok if you have a question line up
Mesanna once it is answered please step on the teleport tile to leave
Mesanna one question per person please
Mesanna Shall we start?
Mesanna Bennu start please
Mesanna Greetings Nythrax
Nythrax Hello!
Kyronix Hello!
Nythrax So I wanted to ask a question about Armor Refinement.
Mesanna ok
Nythrax Right, so you guys came up with this system, and the forum…
Nythrax …went pretty much insane crapping on it. Huge negative feedback.
Nythrax But you guys pressed ahead anyway, and to date I’ve never seen a person wearing refined armor.
Nythrax A) Why did you press ahead despite the feedback and B) do you consider this a mistake now?
Kyronix Well firstly, we don’t consider it a mistake now. You may not see people wearing it, but there
Kyronix Are those that take advantage of what armor refining offers
Nythrax Like who? I’ve been looking at people in the room this whole time looking for some.
Kyronix And we take feedback from a number of sources, and one of the major concerns was that
Mesanna *counts number of people in this room*
Kyronix Storage was an issue, so we introduced the almagamator
Nythrax What level of negative feedback would be required for you to scrap an idea?
Nythrax Does such a threshold exist?
Mesanna I am sorry you have answered and we have answered
Nythrax Well anyway thanks for the answer
Mesanna Thank you
Kyronix Thank you
Abra-Kadabra Hello all
Mesanna Hi Abra
Abra-Kadabra What are the plans to fix the legit items that have become unvendorable due to transfering shards
Kyronix Hello
Mesanna email me and I will review them one on one
Abra-Kadabra ok
Abra-Kadabra (I have a bag full of items on me if you need to see them)
Mesanna [email protected]
Abra-Kadabra kk, also, we need more colored mesanna pies
Abra-Kadabra just sayin
Mesanna lol =P
Abra-Kadabra  :)
Mesanna pies rotted
Abra-Kadabra nooooo
Mesanna no more pie makers
Abra-Kadabra ok, that is all
Abra-Kadabra ty
Mesanna Thank you Abra =)
Mesanna Bennu
Mesanna pull
Mesanna please
Mesanna no
Real Talk hello
Mesanna you skipped charlie
Mesanna Hello
Kyronix Hello
Mesanna Hi Real talk
Misk hello
Real Talk i was wondering if there was any thought to add town buffs to fel towns or maybe a buff for
Real Talk bucs den
Mesanna you mean with the gov system?
Mesanna or are you speaking of the new VvsV system being worked on?
Real Talk yes the buff they provide are quite good in pvp is there any thought to allow reds to use them
Mesanna nothing in the plans right now but not totally out of the system
Real Talk ah ok thanks
Mesanna your welcome
Real Talk  :)
Zeijah hello
Kyronix Hello
Zeijah i have a silly question but i need an anwser
Zeijah will UO ever be free to play MMO?
Mesanna not going to discuss that at this time.. but you never know
Zeijah darn ok thank you
Mesanna that was not a yes or no
Mesanna hi SunWolf
SunWolf was going to ask, for you to check certain areas of the lands again
SunWolf like santuary dungeon, and several of the islhnar
SunWolf the respawn rates and mobs, makes them unplayable for anyone who is new or casual
SunWolf and flair wants pink underwear
Mesanna If you feel the spawn rates are bad then send us a bug so we can look at those areas
SunWolf sorry, hi mesanna
Mesanna and Flair will never get pink underware
SunWolf ok, thanks
SunWolf well, it was really for tazar but still.
SunWolf thanks though
Mesanna not touching that
EM Bennu hawt
Naraku Greeting!
Kyronix Hello!
Misk hello
Mesanna Greetings Naraku
Naraku Can you look into ther timer on smoke bombs? I belive that it is way too low. Smoke bombs should be an emergancy use item, the fact that someone can pvp with no way to heal other then potions and still never die is crazy to me.
Naraku Can you look into ther timer on smoke bombs? I belive that it is way too low. Smoke bombs should be an emergancy use item, the fact that someone can pvp with no way to heal other then potions and still never die is crazy to me.
Naraku sry
Misk we can look into that
Naraku didnt mean to do that 2x
Naraku With the time it takes me to throw a conflag on the ground and it finally reveals them, they take 3 steps and smoke bomb again, and the fact that they can go animal form while stealth, makes it nearly impossible to kill anyone with pract
Misk we can look into that
Misk we can look into that
Mesanna you are going to make me squelch you
Mesanna lol
Naraku i had all that ready
Mesanna ok stop
Mesanna lol
Mesanna Is that all Narku?
Misk we can check into the delay and see if it is appropriate
Naraku on last thing
Naraku on ec with spell triggers
Naraku it get stuck
Naraku and wont allow mt to use it
Naraku gets*
Naraku ive paged a few times, and no real answers
Mesanna stuck?
Misk do you mean that you cannot cast another spell trigger?
Mesanna oh I can fix that
Mesanna email and with a time to meet you
Mesanna quick fix
Naraku yeah, its stuck now, i have one in my backpack, and it wont let me use it
Mesanna after this I will look at you
Naraku ok
Mesanna little busy right now
Naraku ty
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna Hi Summer
Summer what an honor to be standing here
Summer meeting you all
Summer TY mesanna
Mesanna Nice to meet you also
Summer and devs
Summer all follow me
Summer i have 2 questions
Summer I am the governor of Moonglow
Summer you guys gave us an awesome house to use
Summer is it possible
Summer during our terms
Summer we can lock things down
Summer and decorate it
Summer just for our terms?
Mesanna sorry its not a real house
Mesanna thats not possible
Summer understadable
Summer the next question i have
Summer in febuary
Summer you posted about bringing back somthing I been wanting to see come back for ages
Summer Counselors
Mesanna counselors?
Mesanna yep
Summer how is the progress going?
Mesanna going to call them Advisors this time
Mesanna I am waiting on the procedure that the Eng is using for the tool they will use
Mesanna I am starting with 50
Summer thats awesome
Summer and
Summer i wanna say
Mesanna and hopefully I will be emailing everyone in a few weeks
Summer these EMs
Mesanna so you can learn the powers
Mesanna yes?
Summer thats awesome
Summer  !!!
Summer these EMS
Summer we have
Mesanna SHH please
EM Bennu uh oh
Summer are Fantastic
Mesanna Bennu’s head will crack
Summer ty
Summer and can I have your autograph
Mesanna *winks*
Summer mesanna
EM Bennu *needs more ego, inflate me!*
Summer lol
Mesanna lol umm after
Summer ty everyone
Summer for the great job
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Thanks!
Summer you all do
Mesanna we appreciate it
Summer bennu
Summer that 5 buycks you gave me
Summer to kiill mesanna
Mesanna LOL
Summer im not doing it
Summer lol
EM Bennu I dyed her pink once…
Summer i seen
Mesanna hi Malik
Malik Hello, nice to meet you all!
Kyronix Hello!
Mesanna you also
Malik loved this game since I was a kid, fantastic work!
Misk hello
Malik I want to address alliance theivery.
Malik Several times I’ve built up new players, gotten them in my guild/alliance to kill the “big” stuff
Malik and that is what alot of us love to do in UO.
Malik However, everytime we get a force large enough to kill monsters such as Scalis etc
Malik somebody infiltrates our guild, robs our members blind, and everyone quits and we are back to
Malik square one. countless new players have quit the game over this. My question is… .why is it allowed?
Mesanna You have controll over who is and is not in your guild
Mesanna my question to you is what would you expect us to do?
Mesanna We do not govern who you add
Malik a guild option that says simply: once in VK you may not join thieves guild, do you accept?
Malik or any guild for that matter.
Mesanna you let me make sure I understand
Malik there is no way for us to identify the thief with disguise kits or forensics or any of that
Mesanna You want us to give guilds the ability to set rules
Malik pretty much yes.
Mesanna Actually
Mesanna It would be easy to make sure someone can not join a guild if they are disguised
Mesanna so you know the true nature of each member
Malik they never join while disguised. they soulstone off stealing and stuff when they join, and arent in
Malik thieves guild, so forensics doesn’t show they’re a thief.
Malik then they disguise themselves, join guild, soulstone on stealing….
Malik join thieves guild*
Mesanna thats a hard one that we would have to talk about
Mesanna not a really easy solution there
Mesanna to be honest
Mesanna we will talk about it when the team is back from vacation
Mesanna as you see Bleak is not here
Mesanna but we will talk about it
Malik that’s all I can ask for, just wanted to let u know it’s a big problem for some of us.
Mesanna about giving guilds more options
Malik Thank you for your time!
Mesanna you’re welcome
SCORPION [Is there anything being done about the welcome back to brit houses that never decay?
Mesanna hi Scorpion
Mesanna yes email me the locations
Mesanna I have been deleting those dang houses for over a year now
Mesanna I promise I will delete them
Mesanna email me
Mesanna the locations
SCORPION on the next free cycle can you turn all houses on
Mesanna sorry what do you mean?
SCORPION so they will decay at the end
Mesanna no trial account will never be able to place a house
SCORPION if you have a free month
SCORPION welcome back to brit
SCORPION all account go on
Mesanna yes I know
SCORPION then if not being paid the houses fall
Mesanna email me any houses with that issue
Mesanna we still have bugged vendor hosues
Mesanna houses
Mesanna so just email me those
Mesanna and I will delete them
SCORPION ok thank you very much
Mesanna they are bugged and have to be manually deleted
Mesanna thank you
Luc Hail, M’lady Mesanna and fellow devs team member..
Mesanna Greetings Luc
Luc i have 1 question and 1 request
Kyronix Hello!
Luc my question is When or if ever will Gary the dungeon master in doom be fixed?
Luc he went walk about and never return
Mesanna Yes he did
Luc i have sent bug emails
Mesanna we will try to find him and super glue him back
Luc okay ty
Luc my 2nd is request for after the M&G
Luc i am actaully from legend and wonder if you could sneak over and fix my sea herder title
Luc i am the sea dragon tail 😀
Mesanna lol you are 3rd in line
Mesanna but yes
Luc okay ty 😀 so much. same name on legends 😀 Luc
Mesanna ok
Mesanna thank you
Lauralanthalasa Hail
Misk hello
Lauralanthalasa I am a returning player, from long ago
Mesanna welcome back and greetings
Lauralanthalasa is there a way i can get my account age back?
Lauralanthalasa i am far older than 3 months
Mesanna what
Mesanna we can look at it
Mesanna again send me an email with the information
Mesanna including your account name
Lauralanthalasa and quickly, are you planning to do any events for mid level players, or do they get overrun with h
Mesanna are you talking about us as devs or the EM?
Mesanna nm
Mr Eko hello
Mesanna hi Mr Eko
Kyronix Hello Mr Eko
Mr Eko treasure chest loot
Mr Eko 99 % trash
Mr Eko can you revamp it
Mesanna then you are in luck
Mesanna stay tuned to the next publish
Misk not for long….
Mesanna already changed =)
Mr Eko awesome
Mr Eko  :)
Kyronix The revamp train is a….coommmin!
Mr Eko sos too?
Mesanna *grins*
Mesanna yes
EM Bennu *cheers*
Mr Eko you read my mind
Mr Eko good skill
Mesanna lol got lucky
Mr Eko hehe
Mr Eko ty
Mesanna see we do listen =)
Mr Eko goodnight
Mesanna you’re welcome
Kyronix *waves*
Mesanna Hi Llewen
Llewen Faerlyght Will Steam be mandatory and include VAC?
Mesanna no steam is not mandatory
Mesanna its an option
Llewen Faerlyght Ok thank you. All I wanted to know.
Mesanna what is VAC?
Llewen Faerlyght Valve Anti-Cheat….
Llewen Faerlyght Can come with Steam
Mesanna ahh
Llewen Faerlyght But Steam would need to be mandatory.
Mesanna we are just trying to give more options
Llewen Faerlyght Yes, I understand.
Mesanna thank you
Llewen Faerlyght It was just a thought… :)
Mesanna Greetings Phage
Phage hello all
Misk hi
Phage let me address malik real fast. i”ve probably done some unsavory thing to his guild and uwf
Phage if you guys need an example of how its done
Phage get with me after this
Phage but now as to the question
Phage do you guys have any plans to breath new life into fel
Phage or any other future non con pvp lands
Phage its basically been untouch since pub 16
Phage and hasnt recieved anythign unique
Mesanna yes we hope to give PVP a big boost
Mesanna with the new VvsV system you can actually fight in Tram
Mesanna if you joined
Phage do you have a release date for that
Phage and what seperates it from simple guild wars
Mesanna next publish
Kyronix It’s objective based
Phage along with that
Phage do you guys have any plans to reinstate
Phage an old tourny of champions type event
Phage that gave special titles to the winners
Phage the last one was about 13 years ago
Phage and i didnt win because i was on dialup at the time
Mesanna the ladder type event?
Phage are you aware of the toons with
Phage “the master duelist” title
Mesanna yes I am
Mesanna not many left
Phage those were the winner of the toc
Phage a bracketed sanctioned mage tourny
Mesanna right
Phage that could garner alot of intrest witht he test center
Phage if youg uys had any plans of doing something like that
Phage where it wasnt just shard based but all of uo
Mesanna Phage email me this and maybe we can work on this for the future
Mesanna when we redo UO.Com
Phage ok
Mesanna we will be able to post winners etc
Phage thannks for the time
Mesanna automatically that is
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna Greetings Coco
Coco Zamis Hello my Dark Lady, hello to the Lords and Ladies of the code and envrionment
Kyronix Hello Coco
Coco Zamis first question is about return to britannia program. Any release date?
Mesanna Hoping its in July with the next publish
Mesanna release everything together
Coco Zamis fine
Coco Zamis second is about personal attendant token
Coco Zamis i “open” two of them
Coco Zamis but can use only one
Coco Zamis at a time
Coco Zamis i cannot put the deed into a token
Coco Zamis again to handle it over
Coco Zamis to another char
Coco Zamis only one PA can be active
Mesanna right
Mesanna umm I can tell you I can take the deed and give you a token
Coco Zamis *begins to sweat*
Mesanna and ask you not to open two at a time again
Mesanna see me after
Phage Consecrus Arma
Mesanna 4th in line
Mesanna have the deed
Mesanna I will do this once for you
Coco Zamis sorry i am from DF
Coco Zamis *sweats more*
Mesanna email me a time
Mesanna *shakes head*
Coco Zamis ok thanks a lot
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna have a good evening
Soul.Train Hello MyLady and MyLords..Greetings from Europe
Mesanna Hi Soul
Kyronix Hiyas
Soul.Train First the info
Soul.Train Your Speaker wont work excactly
Soul.Train 😉
Mesanna ok
Soul.Train My first question is an old Question
Soul.Train How about a new Gold System
Mesanna how about taking out checks and having a conversion system
Mesanna we are talking about it already
Mesanna trying to work out a good system
Soul.Train that would be nice
Soul.Train cause
Mesanna I think so
Soul.Train u walready got the power
Soul.Train to do this
Soul.Train putting gold
Soul.Train in the casino
Soul.Train is a system like that we need
Mesanna right
Soul.Train why u dont use it
Mesanna its alot more complicated than that
Soul.Train ok
Mesanna also there is a limit
Soul.Train its a limit
Mesanna and alot of people have over 2 billion
Soul.Train  ?
Soul.Train yes
Soul.Train i knew
Soul.Train so the next question
Soul.Train How about a reward trader
Mesanna not in the cards at this time
Mesanna like a vet reward trader?
Soul.Train sorry
Mesanna and if we did it would not be a one for one =)
Soul.Train i ment
Soul.Train a Vet trader
Soul.Train so u r working oin it ?
Mesanna no
Mesanna we are not
Soul.Train or thinkong about it ?
Mesanna we have talked about it
Mesanna but used vet rewards
Mesanna and we took the age limit off them
Soul.Train yes that was grate
Soul.Train great
Soul.Train but
Soul.Train theire are manyrewards
Soul.Train they are out of use
Mesanna how is that fair
Soul.Train or sometimes
Mesanna If you have money
Mesanna you can buy vet rewards
Soul.Train notall people
Mesanna always things to think about
Soul.Train got like 2 b ingame
Mesanna but you have to look at the whole picture
Mesanna not just a piece of it
Mesanna it has to be fair to all
Soul.Train i did
Soul.Train so i asked
Soul.Train cause
Soul.Train to bring new players
Soul.Train they need to get a chance
Soul.Train and
Soul.Train do hold the Old Players to
Mesanna Soul we are not working on that at this time
Soul.Train ok
Soul.Train anyway
Soul.Train thx for your time
Mesanna thank you
Soul.Train *bows
Kyronix Thanks!
Mesanna Have a good evening
Akron hellow
Mesanna Greetings Akron
Kyronix Hiya
Akron my questions is about my beloved blackthorn dungeon under our feet
Akron first. AFK arti farmers
Akron i will be in stealth for 2 hours
Akron seeing dragons and sampires not moving
Akron taking up hunting grounds
Akron not even looting corpses
Akron are you aware of this and willing to do somthing about it
Akron 2
Akron the invasion room
Mesanna We have heard it alot
Akron im unclear about how the minax items decide what bag t ogo to
Akron sorry go ahead lady mesanna
Mesanna but if you feel someone is cheating then please page
Mesanna thats why we have GM’s
Akron well Lady mesanna
Akron thats the thing
Mesanna K will answer about the loot
Mesanna GM’s coming while they are there?
Akron i sit there in stealth they dont move or even attempt to heal pets
Akron soon as i come out of stealth they move or say somthing
Akron i lure mobs away form the area lock them in rooms
Akron they are still there
Akron its like they script for character awareness
Akron no way to detect it if your character is visible
Mesanna I know there is one
Akron i know of 5
Akron but i will not call them out
Mesanna but a GM can talk to them without going visible
Mesanna to see if they respond
Akron k
Akron invasion loot
Akron is it just a damage on general to decide where the minax arti goes most just damage and dont help
Akron are a big part of that fight
Akron and get nothing when people are allways doing damage and not assisting others
Kyronix It’s all based on a combination of damage dealt, damage recieved, and damage healed
Akron is there a way to increase more then 2 drops per boss
Akron and make helping more viable then just damage
Akron food for thought
Kyronix Yes it is, thank you
Akron also last i dont know what this is about
Akron but flair said somthing about pink underwear?
Mesanna Thats a personal question you should ask Flair on the side
Akron thank you
Mesanna =)
Mesanna Thank you
Clara Codstongue Hiya all.
Mesanna Greetings Clara
Kyronix Hello
Clara Codstongue I have no complaining, just a few ideas.
Clara Codstongue First off, I know you are looking for ideas for new items for anny rewards and whatnot
Clara Codstongue I am sick of pooping outside.
Mesanna of course I am always
Clara Codstongue Can we have a toilet to go with out bathtub?
Mesanna you are in luck
Mesanna I asked for a toilet this year
EM Taweret yay!
Clara Codstongue Haha, nice thank you 😀
Mesanna *smiles*
Clara Codstongue Okay, for our Em’s, just a quick idea.
Clara Codstongue I know a lot of events have drops based on whoever did the moste damage and healing or whatever
Clara Codstongue but once in a blue moon, wouldn’t it be cool for a clicky to spawn when the big boss dies
Clara Codstongue with like a 60 second life span
Mesanna no
Clara Codstongue One click per account, get a treat?
Mesanna we changed the top attacker
Mesanna top attacker is now random
Clara Codstongue Could you explain that real quick?
Mesanna its not based just on damage or healing
Mesanna yes I am
Clara Codstongue If someone gets looting rights on the mob
Clara Codstongue Do they have a chance?
Mesanna so if you have done damage or healed
Mesanna we set a number of rewards to give out per boss
Mesanna it will give out that number now
Mesanna but you can not stand to the side
Clara Codstongue Cool, I enjoy those.
Mesanna and wait for a clicky to appear
Clara Codstongue That makes sense.
Mesanna thats why I am against them
Clara Codstongue Finally.
Mesanna I wanted it to often
Clara Codstongue Going with what the last person said
Clara Codstongue To combat AFK farming in BT’s…
Mesanna we are aware I promise
Clara Codstongue Removing the drops from the non invasion spawning mobs..
Clara Codstongue is possible..
Clara Codstongue But that’s all I got
Clara Codstongue Thanks for you time 😀
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Thank you
Scribbles hello all
Mesanna Hi Scribbles
Kyronix Hello there
Scribbles So first. any chance for a sandstone foundation
Scribbles i cant find a foundation that matches sandstone walls
Scribbles thickness or color
Mesanna I will add it to the art list
Scribbles ty
Scribbles second. any chance for gms to be around more?
Mesanna we are working on it
Scribbles ty, third and chance reds will be able to get a city bonus?
Mesanna we are aware there are some issues
Kyronix That would require reds going into Trammel Cities
Kyronix Which isn’t going to happen. A buff for reds would be more feasible in our upcoming
Scribbles can we make the city bonus go away in fel then? for the blues?
Kyronix Vice vs Virtue system so stay tuned for updates as we roll that out
Scribbles its a little unfair that blues come into fell with a bonus reds cant have.
Scribbles 4th ever thought about putting a timer on 120 scrolls to reduce the farming and improve the econ
Scribbles same with minax arties
Mesanna so they decay after x amount of time of receiving them?
Scribbles yep
Scribbles so you cant stock pile them
Mesanna wow
Scribbles and get rid of data in your servers
Mesanna we would be skinned and fried
Mesanna that is a huge step
Scribbles much in UO is a huge step. :)
Mesanna one I do not feel would be taken lightly
Scribbles agreed
Scribbles just tired of the dead shard farming ruining the marketplace. thank you for your time.
Scribbles have a wonderful night.
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix See ya!
Leo Hiya guys.
Mesanna hi
Kyronix Hello!
Mesanna Leo how are you
Leo Scribbles already answered 2 of my questions
Mesanna ok
Leo I am well, how are you?
Mesanna not bad =)
Leo 😀
Leo But my one question is
Misk was that your question?
Misk oh, nm
Leo hehe
Leo Is there any way to recover lost whispering roses
Leo and personal bless deeds
Mesanna no I am afraid not
Mesanna personal bless deeds?
Leo Yes
Mesanna as in when you transferred it did not work again?
Mesanna or work period
Mesanna that we can fix
Leo Oh no, i meant a way to recover them
Mesanna nope sorry
Mesanna I wish
Leo As do I, Thanks guys!
Mesanna Thank you
Kyronix See ya
Kyronix Hello!
Tatiana Thorn *Curtsies*
Tatiana Thorn Good Evening
Mesanna Greetings Taliana
Tatiana Thorn i just had one small thought for an item
Tatiana Thorn *giggles*
Mesanna great
Mesanna I love ideas
Tatiana Thorn and most know it is sort of my pet project
Tatiana Thorn but an item
Tatiana Thorn that generates one random repair deed
Tatiana Thorn oh say once a week
Tatiana Thorn drop in a blank scroll
Tatiana Thorn maybe a tool
Tatiana Thorn get that repair……..
Mesanna like the bandages?
Tatiana Thorn just a thought
Mesanna but doesn’t that take away from Blacksmiths?
Tatiana Thorn a fountain of sorts
Tatiana Thorn *taps chin thinking*
Mesanna it removes a reason for the skill
Tatiana Thorn true……it could lead folks away from interacting…..
Mesanna true
Tatiana Thorn it was just a random thought
Tatiana Thorn *Curtsies*
Mesanna no I appreciate it
Tatiana Thorn thank you for your time
Mesanna keep thinking and give us your ideas
Xanadu Greetings
Mesanna Greetings Xanadu
Xanadu Mesanna, are you aware of the fact that certain players
Xanadu have chars with extra long names
Xanadu not attainable by normal players
Xanadu renamed by gm’s or something?
Xanadu and If so..are these legal?
Xanadu Cause to me its not really fair
Xanadu to everyone else that cant get that
Mesanna Well if they were renamed by old Seers or GM’s we are not going to fault the player
Mesanna that would not be fair
Xanadu *nods*
Mesanna I know the current GM’s will not do that
Mesanna they rename to SUE
Mesanna or something like that
Xanadu hehe
Xanadu Also..for a vet reward…we need rideable dragons 😛
Mesanna especially when they find a Mesanna
Xanadu *nods*
Mesanna there is actually an art conflict with that
Mesanna we would love to have big dragons
Xanadu ok ..bulls then..Yehaw!
Xanadu and thank you for your time :) We appreciate all you do
Mesanna thank you
Mesanna Greetings Dendi
Dendi Hello My lady and Lord of UO
Dendi i just wondering
Dendi is the email for V vs V
Dendi sent out
Dendi to those who is selected?
Dendi if not
Dendi any date on that?
Kyronix Yes, we’ve sent them all out. We are in the process of getting everyone signed up
Dendi ahh
Kyronix We only had a limited number of spots but that doesn’t mean we won’t need replacements
Dendi for japanese shard the GM support timezone is ?
Kyronix Whether people can’t participate for whatever reason
Dendi ahh cool
Dendi i did try to apply
Kyronix So we’ll keep all applications and if we need additional we’ll let you know!
Dendi great thank you
Mesanna thank you
Kyronix Thanks you!
Dendi thank
Mesanna Greetings Nails
Nails Warstein Hail and well met Mesanna
Nails Warstein Many friends of mine were wondering if and when you would still have another world tour?
Mesanna I stopped because so many people showed up it lagged everyone out
Mesanna if I could figure out how to do it I will start again
Nails Warstein Excellent. There are still some shards that do not have their own lantern to represent them as well.
Nails Warstein Anyhow Bennu, could you pull Pfloyd?
Mesanna I know and I am doing those
Mesanna umm why
Pfloyd Thanks
Nails Warstein About a month ago or so Pfloyd and I solved a Mystery
Mesanna do tell
Nails Warstein Discovered the lost treasures of the Crux Ansata Knights in the underwolrd.
Nails Warstein It required decoding a cypher, and surviving riddles.
Mesanna If you are asking about titles
Mesanna get in line
Mesanna after this
Mesanna stand close
Mesanna 2 more questions
Mesanna and we are finished
Nails Warstein Alright just place us where you need us, and thank you!
Mesanna please move out via transporter
Mesanna thanks
Wraith Hail
Mesanna Hi Wraith
Kyronix Hello!
Wraith mine is kinda a 2 parter
Wraith Is there any future plans on making wrestling a viable combat skill?
Mesanna we have not started working on changing skills at this time
Mesanna when we will we will open it up to you guys
Mesanna for input
Mesanna if you want changes you should already have ideas right?
Wraith a few. Like a change to the horrific beast spell and the enchant type spells
Wraith second question would be, is there a way to remove the range part of the poison spell in pvm?
Mesanna you don’t want to give the mobs a chance?
Wraith well, we have the poison fields which do the same already, but removing the range would make
Wraith fire fields more viable for sustained damage
Mesanna I can see them backed on skill
Mesanna based
Mesanna but
Mesanna we can talk about it
Mesanna no promises
Mesanna we will discuss it
Wraith thank you
Mesanna thank you
Wraith *licks mesanna and runs off*
Desaa hello
Mesanna yuck
Kyronix Hello
Desaa i was wondering is there any thoughts of adding anti cheat?
Mesanna that is an ongoing battle
Mesanna as it is in every game
Mesanna we just have been around longer
Mesanna we are always trying to fix cheating
Desaa i dont much care for scriters that get all the loot, and aids them in pvp
Desaa ok and second
Desaa i was wondering has there ever been any talk to making a mod like mage weap for resists that dexers can use?
Mesanna Last person is Jody for the night
EM Bennu *nods*
Desaa seens kinda unfair mages get an item that adds 110 skill in defence
Desaa but dexers cant prevent mana vap or para
Desaa vamp*
Mesanna its an idea
Mesanna we will look at it for a future item
Desaa so never gonna happen then?
Mesanna did I just say we would talk about it
Mesanna I did not say it was not going to happen
Desaa im jsut being realistis, sry
Mesanna thank you
Desaa thats all, thanks
Kyronix Thanks
Mesanna Greetings Deathangel
Deathangel greetings all
Kyronix Hello!
Deathangel all of my questions have been answered thank you
Kyronix Welcome
Mesanna LOL thank you
Deathangel so i have two ideas
Mesanna great
Mesanna you want to share
Deathangel i played role playing games all my life and i love this one i would like you to concides adding two spells
Deathangel for the priest turning thr undead
Deathangel and flight tor the mage
Kyronix Like a person could…fly?
Mesanna you do mean fly right
Deathangel yes
Mesanna I highly doubt that would happen
Deathangel awww
Mesanna the art requirements alone would cause my Artist to quit
Mesanna lol
Deathangel how about turning the undead
Mesanna that is possible
Mesanna lot more than flight
Deathangel Awesome
Mesanna it would need a new circle
Mesanna but not out of the question
Deathangel thank you
Mesanna thank you
Deathangel will i see it
Mesanna a new circle?
Mesanna its possible
Mesanna we will not start working on it tomorrow
Deathangel great thank you
Mesanna welcome
Mesanna Greetings Jody
Jody Highroller Hello
Kyronix Hiya
Jody Highroller I have an in-depth question to ask you.
Jody Highroller Do you ever think a game build on so much corruption, will ever be appealing to new players?
Mesanna yes I do
Jody Highroller How so?
Mesanna why would we work like we do if we did not believe in the game
Mesanna why would we spend our evenings on our own time to talk to you guys
Mesanna We are coming up with ideas for improvements all the time
Jody Highroller Why would a new person want to play beside a person, whom does not work for their stuff
Jody Highroller with scripts
Jody Highroller etc
Mesanna look I am not going to sit here and argue this point with you
Mesanna I know for a fact we have no people all the time
Jody Highroller ok, ill just send money to your ems paypal
Mesanna and we have players that love to help new players
Jody Highroller enjoy!
EM Bennu *shakes his head*
Mesanna *bites tongue*
Mesanna last question Leo
Leo Heya sorry
Kyronix Hello Leo
Leo Hello again :)
Mesanna remembed another question?
Mesanna hi
Leo Hehe yes
Leo Is there any talk of any new land’s in coming expansions?
Mesanna no
Leo Ah mk, thank you :)
Mesanna we have lands that could use love
Mesanna to bring them there
Leo Indeed
Leo Thanks
Mesanna I would rather do that than create new ones
EM Bennu Can I ask a question?
Mesanna Ok Atlantic thank you
Mesanna No
Mesanna lol
EM Bennu :(
Mesanna what
EM Bennu I was just wondering, discounting the seahorse mount fiasco… if there was any possibility of a
EM Bennu Constructable Hot Air Balloon?
Mesanna Stop!
Kyronix That’s a fantastic idea
EM Bennu See! Kryonix agrees!
Mesanna Have you been talking to Kyronix
EM Bennu Hot Air Balloons are so very Ultima.
Mesanna CAuse he has wanted it for 2 years now
Kyronix Hot Air Balloons!
Kyronix Yipppeee!
EM Bennu They should take a LOT of effort to build…
EM Bennu Just sain.
EM Bennu Sayin.
Mesanna Bennu
EM Bennu *is in trouble*
Mesanna have I killed you lately?
EM Bennu yes, when I dyed you pink.
EM Bennu <3
Mesanna Anyways as I was saying
Mesanna Thank you for having us
Kyronix Thank you Atlantic!
Mesanna If you come up with any new ideas for rewards please email them to me
Mesanna See you guys in 2 weeks
Kyronix *waves*
Mesanna in our next Meet and Greet
Mesanna thank you