2011-04-01: Notes from the Head Hamster

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Notes from the Head Hamster

Posted Apr 1, 2011 13:22:41 EST by Calvin Crowner on the UO Herald.

Hi Ho Ultima Online players! This is Gerald. Many of you may know me as the lead hamster running the UO servers.

Well as many of you know the team decided to move to upgraded hardware. What this means is that I’ve got a lot more time on my paws. Things were a bit scary there earlier this year, but you all know the race stops for no hamster.

While I have your attention, I wanted to give you some inside information on the team.

The team is actually all hamsters. You read that right. You can take it directly from my well-manicured tail that everyone one of them is a furry rodent.

Don’t be alarmed. Much of the game industry is truly run by all manner of varmint. There are voles in production, gerbils doing worldbuilding, and we don’t like to mention the content crew, but here’s a hint … they only work at night. I can tell you, from my cousins running the Battlefield servers, that a few of the graphics engineers at DICE aren’t allowed water dispensers until they ship 500k units. By my whiskers, I am happy to be with you all on Ultima Online.

With that, if you ever need anything, please drop me a line at [email protected]

Can’t wait to hear from you!

- Gerald