2008-11-11: Event Moderators

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Event Moderators

Posted by Mesanna, Nov 11, 2008 on Stratics

I just wanted to clarify that I’ve never been an EM – practically everything else but not an EM. =)

Many of you have asked us if this is a paid position or not, we’ve still got some final documentation to clear up with our legal department and then we will be able to give out a some extra details to everyone.

The other shards such as Europe and a few others with different time zones, those are all under discussion, We do not want anyone to have to stay up till 1 or 2 in the morning to attend an event on their shard. We know everyone needs their beauty sleep *grins*

This program is not going to be run like the past EM program, there will be plenty of improvements. We will be giving everyone support and there will be strict documentation and approval for all reward items.

I appreciate all of your feedback and yes I will listen to any suggestions about what you think would make the EM program the best it can be.

Take Care!