2004-06-28: Introducing Jessica “Lady Lu” Lewis -- Samurai Empire Team Lead

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Introducing Jessica “Lady Lu” Lewis -- Samurai Empire Team Lead

Jul 28 2004 11:21AM

This was originally posted to Development at uo.com. [1]

Samurai Empire has been officially announced! W00t! The team is extremely excited to get this expansion to you and busy implementing, tuning, and bug fixing. We’ve revealed a lot of what’s going to be in there, but we have plenty of surprises left.

The artists have created new art for more than 15 new creatures based on Japanese mythology. The designers have created new armor, helmets and items based on traditional Japanese weapons the Wakizashi and Shuriken; plus wearable gear including the Jingasa and Kimono. And, of course, the designers and engineers are refining the abilities and special moves associated with the two new professions: Ninja and Samurai.

Now, let me back up a bit. Since this is my “first appearance” in the newsletter and on the website, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I’ve been working in online production for nearly six years. Before moving to Ultima Online, I spent nearly 3 years on The Sims Online team. (Yes, a bit of a different game!) Previous to Maxis, I was working for an online edutainment company as a Program Producer.

You should know that I am a big sci-fi, cyber punk, and magic/fantasy fan. Besides UO, some of the other kinds of games I like: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Ico, Super Monkey Ball, Rocky (after a stressful day at work, of course), plus, heaps of Game Boy Advance games. For board games, I play The Settlers of Catan most.

As for Ultima Online specifically, I really enjoy the extreme variety that the game offers. Considering the various combinations of professions, legendary fiction, and the option to battle it out with other players or monsters – UO is a creative game. (On that note, I am not saying the game is perfect.) There are so many details that I can’t help but feel like I am in another world when I play. I really like that. Plus, it is a really good feeling knowing that most other MMORPGs in the market got their fundamental start from this game.

I have to admit - this is the coolest experience, as a producer, to be a part of the UO team. I’ve been with Ultima Online for four months and I really can’t say enough great things about the team. I remember when I played the game for the first time just three years ago; those impressions are still with me and motivate me every day to make the game better and better.

Don’t forget, we’ve only released a small amount of the details for Samurai Empire. You should check the website in the coming weeks for new announcements or opportunities to chat with the UO team. I also want to add that just about everyone on the team reads the message boards. Though it may seem like we don’t have much of a presence (I have been on the other side) you can bet your Hooded Shroud we are talking about what you post.

Please hang in there as more game details are released.

Lady Lu Samurai Empire Team Lead


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