2002-06-01: Summoning Creatures Takes Pet Control Slots

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Summoning Creatures Takes Pet Control Slots

Actually, the update center does mention that all the 8th circle summoning spells have been updated as part of the pet changes.

You'll notice several changes when you try them out.

For example, all summoned pets require some number of pet control slots. However, their power and difficulty to dispel is reflected in how many control slots they take. In addition, they no longer take an extraordinary amount of time to summon. This provides a system of tradeoffs that should make for some interesting decisions regarding what type of creature to summon depending on the circumstances. I'll summarize...

Daemons - These have fierce offensive capabilities, both physical and magical. In addition, they're very difficult to dispel. However, in order to control the demonic forces, the caster must devote all their pet control abilities (remember, mounts now take a control slot) to the continued control over this creature.

Fire Elemental - The Fire elemental is the most powerful of the mage's arsenal of elemental beings. Although they don't match the capabilities of a daemon, they're highly agressive, very difficult to dispel, and are slightly easier to control then daemons, requiring only four pet control "slots". This confers the caster with the tremendous advantage of being able to control the elemental while riding a mount.

Water Elemental - This elemental has powerful magical abilities and is relatively difficult to dispel. In addition, it is clever enough to attempt to avoid its opponent while casting spells from a distance. Although it is not as powerful as a Fire Elemental in single combat, it is easier to control, requiring only three control "slots". This provides the benefit of being controllable while the summoner is mounted and in control of an Energy Vortex. Or, if the summoner so chooses, they could remain dismounted while controling both the Water Elemental and an Earth or Air Elemental.

Earth Elemental - Although this creature is not as powerful as the Water or Fire Elemental, it is highly aggressive in physical combat and relatively difficult to dispel. In addition, it requires a mere two control "slots", confering the summoner the option to summon a second Earth or Air Elemental while remaining mounted or controling an Energy Vortex.

Air Elemental - In much the same respect as the Water Elemental, this clever being has potent magical abilities that it uses while remaining at a distance from its enemy. Although it is more comparable in power to the Earth Elemental, the Air elemental is also relatively difficult to dispel, and requires a mere two control "slots".

Energy Vortex - Although this being is relatively easy to dispel and guided by forces not directly under the control of the summoner, the caster does appear to have some influence over it, causing it to ignore the energy aura of the caster and their friend(s). When it has chosen its target, the Energy Vortex is highly agressive and quite deadly, damaging opponents very effectively. Fortunately, due to its almost completely autonomous nature, the Energy Vortex requires a mere single control "slot".

Have fun! ;]