2000-10-05: Origin Account Access Transfer Program

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Origin Account Access Transfer Program

Posted: Oct 5 2000 11:52AM CST (GMT -06:00)

In the interest of providing our customers with a safe procedural way in which to transfer UO account access from one individual to another, we have created the Origin Account Access Transfer Program. In the past, OSI has had no record or proof of access transfers to refer to in cases of disputed access over previously used accounts. The Account Access Transfer Program allows you to carry out this transfer process officially through the OSI Billing Department, ensuring that in case of any dispute we can verify the correct individual with access to a specific UO account. By simply arranging for signatures from both parties involved, completing a confirmation phone call with an OSI representative, and arranging a transfer fee, your access transfer will be secure and final.

Additional details on the Account Access Transfer Program, and the appropriate form, can be found here.

Origin Account Access Transfer: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get Origin to officially transfer access to a previously used account I just acquired?
Origin does not encourage players to transfer or trade access to accounts. If you got access to an account this way in the past, we have no record or proof that the account may legitimately be used by you, or that the player who created the account has given you permission to use the account name and password. So, we've created this process as a service to our players. By going through this transfer process Origin can verify that the account is in your name (i.e. you have the former player's permission to use it).
Will I have to pay to have the official transfer handled by Origin?
Yes, there will be a fee of $25.00. The new Player will be charged this fee at the time you (the new Player) is contacted by Origin to verify the transfer. There official transfer form is available here. This charge will be applied to the credit card you plan on using to pay your monthly subscription.
Do I need to get Origin involved in the process of transferring access to pre-existing accounts?
No, Origin does not get involved in any transaction or agreement between you and another player. Nor are we responsible for any dispute that may arise. If you choose not to use the official Account Access Transfer service created by Origin, and a dispute over the use of the account ever comes up we may not be able to determine the who rightfully has access to an of account and the account could be terminated as a result.
If I acquire access to an account from a player that has been reprimanded in the game and I get Origin to officially transfer the account, does the official transfer take off the reprimands that the other player acquired on the account?
Yes, if you use the Account Access Transfer program Origin has provided, any and all comments and infractions on the account will not affect your standing in the game once the Account Access Transfer process is completed. What this means is any comments on an account prior to the transfer will not affect your standing with Origin.
Will I be able to play on the account while waiting for the transfer document and payment to clear Origin?
Yes, you will be able to access an active account if the former player has provided you with the name and password, but be sure to change the password, billing, and account information by going to the Ultima Online Account Management Web page at https://www.ultima-registration.com/.
What if I want to transfer access to multiple accounts from the same person? Will I be charged for each account?
If you acquire access to multiple accounts from the same person you can get them all officially transferred as one transaction (up to 3 accounts per transfer). There will be only one transfer fee charged to you.
Let's say I just acquired access to an account and used Origins Account Transfer Program. Will I be able to transfer access to the account through Origin to someone else?
We do not control how many times access to an account is transferred or who can play on an account (it is up to you to control your own password), but you cannot use the Account Access Transfer Program to transfer access to the account back to a previous Player of that same account. The Account access will be marked as being officially transferred in our database system.
Can I transfer my account access to a player who has been banned from Ultima Online?
No. Both the former player and the new player must be considered “in good standing” by Origin Systems. This means that neither player involved in the transaction may have been banned from Ultima Online. Additionally, you should keep in mind that allowing a member whose account has been terminated (or “banned”) to access the service through your account is a direct violation of the Ultima Online Terms of Service Agreement.
What are the Steps I need to take to get an account officially transferred by Origin?
  1. Before acquiring access to an account, the new Player should inform the Former Player that they wish to use Origin's Official Account Access Transfer Program. The new Player must send the former Player the URL (http://www.uo.com/docs/Origin_Account_Access_Transfer.zip) for the account access transfer document and ask them to print and fill out the document and mail/fax it to them.
  2. The Former Player will then print the document and fill out the "Former Player Information" section of the document (In Full) and send it to the new Player by mail. The reason for the mailing is so Origin has actual signatures from both parties. The document may be faxed or mailed to the new Player for signature.
  3. The new Player will fill out the "New Player Information" section of the document (In Full) and in doing agrees to the Ultima Online Terms of Service and the Rules of Conduct. (Whenever you play Ultima Online, you must agree to the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct for the game.) The document must be mailed or faxed to Origin Systems Inc.
Origin Systems Inc.
5918 West Courtyard Drive
Austin, TX 78730
Attn: Account Access Transfer Department
Fax# (512) 795-8014
  1. Once the document is received by Origin, the former Player will be contacted by phone to confirm the transaction is authorized. Origin will also contact the new Player to verify the transfer information and assist the new Player in changing the billing and account information into their name. At this time the new Player will be charged a $25.00 fee for the official transfer on the credit card used to pay for the account. (If there are any issues of any kind raised by either party the Official transfer will not take place until the parties resolve the issues. Origin will not intervene in any manner in such disputes)
  2. Both parties will be sent an E-mail stating that the official Account Access Transfer is now complete and documented in Origin's database and the account now officially may be accessed by the new Player.

The official Account Access Transfer form is located here.


By filling out and signing this document, the “Former Player” agrees to transfer his or her access rights to the Ultima Online account named ______________ to the “New Player”. The New Player agrees to all portions of the Ultima Online Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct located at the following link:


The Former Player must include a valid phone number. After receiving this completed form Origin will send a confirmation message to both parties with further instructions. Origin will set up a time to call the former Player before the transaction is accepted to ensure that the transfer is authorized.

The New Player must return this form, fully completed to:

Origin Systems, Inc. 5918 West Courtyard Drive Austin, TX 78730 Attn: Account Access Transfer Department Fax # (512) 795-8014

Former Player Information New Player Information
Account Name: _________ Salutation:_________
Name: _________ First Name, MI: _________
Day Phone Number: __________ Last Name: _________
Evening Phone Number: _________ Address 1: _________
E-mail Address: _________ Address 2: _________
Signature: _________ City: _________
State (Province): _________
Zip (Postal Code): _________
Country: _________
Day Phone: _________
Evening Phone: _________
E-mail: _________
Signature: (See note) _________

NOTE: NEW PLAYERS AGREE TO CHANGE PASSWORD Information and recognize that they are responsible for maintaining the security of this info and the account. New Player also agrees to pay a $25 service fee on completion of access transfer.