1999-11 Newsletter

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Ultima Online Newsletter: November 1999

Ultima Online Newsletter - November
Your source for Ultima Online News, Features, and Special Offers
>1>> Ultima Online: Product of the Year
>2>> Introducing "In Concept"
>3>> Ultima IX: Ascension - Special Offer
>4>> Less Maintenance, More UO
>6>> Comments from the Team
>6>> Virtue Spotlights
>7>> Lord British Award Winner

Ultima Online: Product of the Year
Ultima Online has been honored as a High Technology Product of the Year!
The award is presented each year to a company in the Austin, Texas area that has successfully organized, developed, or managed a technology concept into a commercial product or service within the last three years.
In the last two years, over 140,000 of you around the world have helped us bring the world of Ultima Online to life, and for that we sincerely thank you.
Read all about the award

Introducing "In Concept"
Want to know what we’re thinking about?
Looking to give us your opinions?
Explore the new "In Concept" area of the Ultima Online website, and you can do just that!
We’ll be using "In Concept" to present ideas and plans currently being considered by the UO development team - and to solicit your feedback. We look forward to hearing your comments!
To see the latest additions to "In Concept", visit: http://update.uo.com/concept.html

Ultima IX: Ascension - Special Offer
Take advantage of our Special Offer for Ultima Online subscribers and save up to $15 dollars on your purchase of Ultima IX: Ascension!
As an added bonus, the first 1500 Ultima Online subscribers to order the regular edition of Ultima IX will receive the original, fully orchestrated musical score on CD FREE as a bonus!
To order your copy of Ultima IX: Ascension today

Less Maintenance, More Ultima Online
Select shards now have scheduled maintenance only three times a week!
Do you play on Arirang, Izumo, Yamato, Hokuto, Wakoku, Asuka, Drachenfels, Europa or Siege Perilous? These shards now have scheduled maintenance only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (local server time).
In addition, we’ve planned testing in an attempt to reduce the maintenance downtime across all remaining shards.
For a current list of scheduled shard maintenance, visit: http://support.uo.com/downtime.html

Comments from the Team
UO is zooming past 140,000 subscribers, and we’ve got plans for everyone!
This month meet Orthanc the Producer and tOAD the Lead Designer of Ultima Online as they discuss the future of new UO players, the status of Necromancy, and why one should be wary of "Caps Lock" keys.
Read the latest Comments from the Team at: http://update.uo.com/team.html

November Spotlights
This month, in celebration of the release of Ultima IX: Ascension, we’re Spotlighting the virtues of Ultima.
The schedule for November's spotlights is:
October 5: Honesty and Courage
October 12: Valor and Justice
October 19: Sacrifice and Honor
October 26: Humility and Spirituality
To read these stories, go to the Spotlight Section of the website

Lord British Award Winners
We are proud to announce the following November winner of The Lord British Award for Excellence in the Community.
Joshua Rowan - Achievement in Community Organization
Maintaining the Ultima mailing list is a daunting task, and Joshua has certainly stepped up to the challenge. The Ultima Online mailing list is for discussion of all things Ultima, with special emphasis place on Ultima Online development, up-to-date news, stories and questions.
For information on the Ultima mailing list, and to sign up