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Yew / Jhelom / Pitmuck Ice Cream Regata - [POSTPONED - MONDAY MARCH 9TH 8:30PM]


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Grettings dear fellow Sosarians !

As a result of recent attacks on both Jhelom and Pitmuck, the ice cream supplies of our goblin friends have been stolen by either frost creatures or pirates, leaving their freezers empty for the forthcoming summer season.

Since the theft of the precious delicacy, the goblins have been working days and nights to replenish those supplies before the hot season hits.

The city of Yew is going to assist the goblins, by providing fresh milk from our farms, and delivering it by sea to both island cities. In order to deliver the freshest milk possible, we will need to make the deliveries as fast as possible. That is why I require the assistance of our best ship captains to assist in this matter.


- Collect crates of milk in Yew, and load them on ships at the newly errected Yew Docks.
- Make a delivery in Jhelom at the Eastern docks, at the Ice Cream Shop.
- Make the second delivery to Pitmuck Ice Cream Cabe.


- You can use any ship to make the deliveries (except rowboats of course...)
- No teleportation of any sort allowed. The use of magics may alter the taste of milk...
- Boats are to set their access to PUBLIC during the event. I will mark a rune for each, wich will allow me to visit them during their trip, to make sure everything runs smooth, and no one cheats.
- Be ready for combat. I will be patrolling the area prior to the event, so the threat level should be fairly low, but we never know. Seas are infested with pirates and whatnot. Better be ready..
- Prizes will be awarded to the 3 fastest ships. Time is of the essence.

Thanks in advance to all who will assist our Goblin friends ! I think King Ozog and Governor Scabby will be happy to find their freezers full upon the goblins' return from their quest.

Tehan, Governor of Yew.


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
EMs moved their static quest right on top of the Regata, so I'm postponing it to next week. Edited title accordingly.