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Xplorins of Nubby part 1 Wisp Dungeon


Stratics Veteran
Fer mees first ting of mees wanderin stories mees choose mees favorite dungeon ins ilshiner, dat bees da wisp dungeon. Some yoos tinkin, “itnd dat a bad place ta go lookin?” Mees say it kinda safe kinda dangerous. But mees also say it worth it! Der bunches of nice stuff down der.

Ta get to da wispy place bees easy. Yoos take da humilty moongate den run over west to get to da entrance. Ifn yoos bees tuff yoos can fight da eyeballs and bad mongies, or yoos can do what mees do an run past dem, yoos safe once yoos go in.

wisp entrance.JPG

Dis da fanciest part of da place. Lotz ob nice wisps float around and make noises at yoos. Mees tinkin dey live der but dey use ta share it with sumone cuz der lotz of tablez and chairs and tings. Where da udders go? Mees no kno. Mees tinkin dey mebe wizards, cus der spots look like dey bees testing magic tings and der bees no kitchen, and wizards tink dey all high an mighty cuz dey eat magic food, no need kitchen.

Goin thru yoos find nice book readin spots, sit an talkin spotz, and a nice virtue temple spot. Temple spot bees goos fer meetins mees tinkin. No Kitchens tho, so bring yoos own snacks. And der bees no stumps mees jus use da candle tings.
Da Ankh here looks nice, it got sparkles and eberyting, and yoos find a special wisp, himz red.
Some say wisps attack ebil persons but mees not seen dat, mebe it change.

Ifn yoos bees brave, sneeky, or silly yoos can go down to da next level. Dis level got lots of dead tings, ebil mages, and very mean wisps.But der cool stuff down here toos.

Dis level makes mees tink it was mages livin upstairs with da goos wisps. Yoos find lot da same study stuff down here, but all messy like. Dont tell dem mees say dis, but mees tink wizards bees messier den orcies! Mees tinkin sum da wisps and wizards go bad and da goos wisps force dem down in da bottom level and keep dem der, mebe dey got too messy.

First ting yoos find bees a big statue guarded by dos mean wisps. Dis statues bees of da first man is Sosaria. Mees like it here but mees mad too. Mees wanna see what da first lady and da first goblin looked like too! Mees tinkin dos humie scribblers need ta go down here and make a copy so dey can put one up in Britain, it do bees important mees tinkin.


Nudder cool ting bees deeper in. Ifn yoos one dem Chaos baddies yoos need to go here least one time. Here yoos find lots little markers with scribblins on dem, dey say;

In Remembrance Of Our Noble Leaders”

Cast Out From Our World By Those Who Would Not Believe”

The True Path to Order Is Through Chaos And The Cleansing Of All Life”

Only Then Can Balance Be Found”

We Who Remain True Shall Rise Again”

Sounds scery huh? Der also bees sum statues wit names on dem, here bees da names. The lower couple bees, Zendella Kxriss, Martoo Saul, an Junin Pince. Above dem bees big bust of Miron Vehl. Mees was expectin Blackthorn, but nerg, it Miron Vehl.

Go down lower yoos get to da maze. Da maze bees big room with lots of teleporters. In udder werds it big pain in da elbow mees tinkin. Step on da wrong spot yoos go ta little room and den back to da start. Der also two steps dat take yoos to side rooms with locked chests, mees only curious nuf ta find one dem. Ifn yoos get bored no try ta teleport yoos self, it no werk.

Herez da code to da maze. DONT YOOS BEES LOOKIN IFN YOOS NO WANT HINT!!!


dat lower symbole bees one dat take yoos to chest room.

Yoos find small room wit dagger and bloody kimono. Yoos also supposed ta find teleporter to da next level down, but mees no find it. Yoos not want ta find it edder. It leads ta tiny room with bad mongies and Balrons.

Welp dat bees mees fast tour of da wisp place. Mees not show yoos eberyting, dat way yoos go down toos. Mebe yoos go down here see why mees like it so much, mebe hab a meetin with a wisps.

Yoos bees lookin fer mees next tour of........... Rock Dungeon duh duh duuhhhhhh
rock ent.JPG
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old gypsy

Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
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Campaign Patron
Yoos bees sech brave goblin, Nubby! Tru adventerer! *hugs*

~ Icky ~