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Wondering how addicting this game really is

  • Thread starter Hickleberry
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I've heard the slang Evercrack, but i've never tried playing everquest. Is it really as fun and addicting as they say it is. I'm thinking about going to buy it tomarrow


You can always play the trial first. It can be addicting but it is pretty fun. It kind of depends on what kind of player you are. I lean more towards casual so I play a lot for awhile and then I might only play an hour a week depending on my mood. Lately I've been playing a LOT more than I usually do and I still have to log out and take breaks.


I have played Everquest II before. I didn't get addicted to it. But it was definitely fun while I played it.


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No more addicting than any other game really. However, if you come from a really crappy game like I did and then immerse yourself in to EQ2, then you might find yourself a bit addicted or at least compulsive for a few months. ;)

Only thing I've found addicting about MMO's over the year are the friends you make. :)