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who else would like


to be able to equip their instruments and would like mods on them
how about a real bards songbook with bard songs so we don't have to use magery etc

am i the only one who wants some bard love???
You are not alone. I have always wanted to equip my instrument and in fact wish there was more variety. Bard song books would be amazing and each discipline would have access to different spells. This could work like the masteries and bring back a reason to be a 3x Legendary Bard!


One of the last Rangers of Skara Brae
3.5x Legendary Bard Mage and I do 1/3 the damage my Tamer Mage can do, so it’s not completely weak. It’s definitely support/dps support. But this is bursting. Over-time I wager I can catch up if I run peace masteries and scale.

But it would be sick awesome if we got a Bard Spellbooks with its own genre, comparable to other classes and could main dps with support.

However, I’m now thinking Myst/Focus with 55LMC/30MR suit would be much stronger. Colossus after-all.

Single-target peace is like a strong version of paralyze and I love it. Area peace is more for retreating. It’s about 2 seconds.
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