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Where can I read books for The Awakening, Act II ?

Siel Dragon

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hail thee, and EM Misaki :)

I am returnee, and not knowledgeable about the latest situation.
Please, I want thee to teach...Where can the following book for The Awakening, Act II be read in Asuka?
Should I hunt Jukas or Meers? or Search the locked books?

Martial Doctrine I, by Loremaster Vikugo
Martial Doctrine II, by Loremaster Vikugo
The Jukan Traditions, by Loremaster Tehrok
The Jukan Traditions II, by Loremaster Tehrok
Path of the Way I, by Waymaster Tekmha
Path of the Way II, by Waymaster Tekmha
Path of the Way III, by Waymaster Tekmha
The Watcher: A History, by Adranath
A Brief History I, by Chamberlain Kasha
A Brief History II, by Chamberlain Kasha
A Brief History III, by Chamberlain Kasha
A Brief History IV, by Chamberlain Kasha
The Mage's Creed, by Mavara
About Hunters, by Karvath

EM Misaki

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Hi Siel Dragon :) and Welcome back!

First, I am sorry to have been able to send the reply to you.

Grave robbers have those books.
Jukas and Meers may also have those books.
However, the probability which they have is low.

I installed these books in Asuka Reward hall.
Please come to Reward hall, if you would like to know the contents of books.
(29o 22′N, 47o 6′W), Malas

I appreciate your writing.
Thank you Siel :)

Act II books.jpg


I know this is a very old thread, however I am hoping these books exist somewhere. I am currently making a Library and trying to find all the old & new books like this. If nothing more than to just copy them, I would love to find some.