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(Question) Where can I find ...


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
a full Mysticism spellbook? I tried vendor search but nothing showed up. However I know it's not always accurate, so if someone has a place they know has one I'd appreciate a pointer to it.

I'm gonna put Myst on a mage I've been resurrecting and I'm short the book! <shrug> So far the character is ...
STR - 94 (HP 97)
DEX - 36 (Stam 36)
INT - 125 (Mana 191)

Resists - all 70s (uncapped 115-92-125-108-128)

Casting Focus 13%
Int+ - 26 (incl above)
Mana+ - 41 (incl above)
Mana regen - 13
FC/FCR - 4/6
LMC - 56
LRC - 108

It's taken a while but I think he''s about ready to start cranking on Myst. For skills, he has
Skill - Actual (Cap)
EvalInt - 109.3 (120)
Focus - 60.5 (100)
Magery - 95.0 (120)
Meditation - 100 (100)
Resist - 100 (100)
Wrestle - 60.7 (100)

All skills are locked up ATM. I can easily swap in 100 Focus for a fast improvement. Focus + Meditation make for rather fast mana regen!

Ennyhoo ... know any out of the way spots where I can get a Mysticism book?


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Try calling out in General Chat asking for one. Less populated shards are notorious for not having basic needs on vendors. That stuff just doesn't sell fast enough to make it profitable, in many cases.


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Campaign Patron
Did you check the player center? There should be some in the mage area book case on the third floor. If not give a shout to El. She tries to keep some on hand.